Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well Hello!
Wed, Well we just happened to get dogged all night! Bro Chheng invited us over to talk with him. I don't know if i told ya but he is 33 and just found out he has cancer! Crazy! We have given him a blessing and he is taking it really good. Trying to keep his spirituality up so that is what is important. We talked mostly about military stuff and i just don't think i ever want to go into that! Not for me. I like Bro Chheng alot and it is hard to see him go through this but i think it will make him a better person and the doctor's are optimistic but i think that is their job haha.

Thurs, Today we Weekly planned and just had a good day! Every person wasn't there for their appointment! Dang it! We did help a lady in the ward with some service. We just packed some things up 3 flights of stairs haha. Twas fun and we got pie out of it! I also went to Staple's cause we needed some things for the area and i got my PMG cut and hole punched so it is in a binder! Really nice! I have enjoyed studies alot with that! This transfer we have been reading PMG and doing the activities and some of the activity's are really good. One on a warning voice in Exzeikel? haha i can't spell i don't read the Bible that much haha...but it said that if we don't warn people their sins are on our heads...think about that one!

Fri, This morning we went to Bro Lackomyj's and helped him with some electrical work in his house! Next week we are going do be going out to lunch and doing some more!!! I like doing house work! Kinda wierd Mom i know...We then saw Eric finally! He said his phone got wet so it isn't working the greatest now...don't really buy that but said he had been reading the BoM and taking notes on what he read and summarizing what he read! Spirit was strong...we talked about needing to meet more and how to prepare for baptism and the need for it! set up a time to come back the next day but on Sat he texted and dropped us! Said he was too much into the streets for this! Dang it all the heck! We then stopped by an active member and found out her husband is not a member and he is an apostle in another church! Nice guy but wanted to bash with us! Freak! He asked us about whether we believed that Christ was crucified today and i said it didn't really matter on what day it happened...some logic on Christ rising on the 3rd day and 3rd night...i don't know where is says night but i didn't want to bring it up. Anyways he is going to show us a scripture about re-incarnation from the King James Version of the Bible and how John the Baptist is really Elijah or Elias who has come back haha. Can't wait until he finds that scripture! We also visited the Booker's today! Tried to get them to come to church! Didn't work! I don't' know what to do with them!

Sat, We got a call from our Zl's this morning and said we were there last hope and needed to go and help someone move! So we did, guy couldn't speak English and took us a while to find the place but finally got there and helped them move. Spoke French so will be sending the French speaker's by! We then went to our Elder's Quorum Pres..Bro Howell and helped him sand his floor. We were there for like 5 hours haha. Rest of our apts cancelled and he needed our help still so it was fun to sand his floor. Used some muscles i didn't know i had and had fun doing it! working on houses again! We then took Bro Chheng up to a V.C. concert! He brought his non-member sister along and she was inquisitive so maybe something there! It was some sibling concert. Really good playing the piano for being 8 and 11! They were on the Jay Leno show not too long ago i guess! Move there finger's that it for sure! Twas a good day!

Sun, It was a good program at church today! All around the resurrection  Twas a good Easter Sunday! We contacted a refferal today! Said to come back next week! YES! We had a dinner apt with Sis Jackson this evening and it was super super good! She has an amazing testimony! Near death experience don't remember how she tied that in with getting her testimony but after a while the Elder's knocked on her door and she read the whole book of Mormon is two weeks and called them back haha! Man those lucky guys'! Super spiritual spiritual thought on Christ too! Did the Christ Puzzle! Works every time!

Mon, we had a lesson with Ms. Bramwell today! Man it was super good! She really wants to find out that this is true! She has a sincere desire i believe. Isn't really going to church lately so we are going to watch the last session of General Conference at Sis Jackson's hopefully! It was a super good review lesson on what she knew already and we will be giving her everything she needs soon! Super excited for her! She is going to cut my hair too! Oh yeah! We then went to find a member Dillon who is 15 and hasn't come to church lately and found them playing football-his dad. So we played some football in our suits! Twas very fun and then he took us out to eat! We spent the rest of the night prolly 3-4 hours haha. He has some really big problems with going through a divorce and some other things he has done in his life! He went through the temple tho and i believe he remember's but just doesn't want to admit it! He likes to do Marital Arts tho and taught us a couple of moves! Told him to read Alma 32 and "none were with him" talk my Elder Holland! Maybe someday he will come around!

Tues, We went to Claire's a 85 year old investigator of the sister's who we helped last week when it snowed! She gave us all of her deceased husband's ties for helping! haha Perfect! She is really cool and is one of those old people who thinks everything and everyone is out to get her haha. Super funny! We then went to the college campus and did a booth with the district! Too many cute girls wearing tight pants there! It was fun to try and talk with people tho! Really hard to get college people to stop too! Got a # or too and left! We then had a good rest of the day driving around these HUGE houses finding a couple of less-actives. I don't think i want a house as big as those! Man... We then met with Paul a guy we picked up through g-q'ing and it was his birthday! Talked with him for 5 min and prayed and going to be talking about the Plan of Salvation first! Super cool guy who has alot of potential right now!

Wed, we played soccer today! It was tons of fun! I like soccer alot! Scored 3 goals! OH Yeah! went and bought some Chirstmas Shirts for you guy's haha! Happy Birthday presents too!!! HAHA Happy Birthday Shelb and good job at the program i hear Meg.
Anything else you want from my e-mails let me know!

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