Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi there! I got transferre'd this week! I am now in New Carrolton Ward. I am back in the apartment i was in in College Park! Tis going to be fun! I hate that is the worst! My companion's name is Elder Appiah, he was trained by my good friend E. Furugen and now he is with E. Arnett haha kinda funny! Thank goodness i have dodged another transfer where i am not in leadership! Maybe i will be lucky to go my whole mission without having that! Guess we will see what Pres. has in store. Alot of changes happening here. Alot of new area's being added, we got a whole new Zone this transfer! Tis crazy!! Mission is going to grow and it will be fun to be apart of it. Tis really an exciting time to be a missionary!
Wed, We took Bradley Bridge out to see the kids and it was a really good lesson! We played Uno as well and taught Tithing to them. They will hopefully eventually get baptized but they will see...maybe i can go back for it!
Thurs, We had the best V.C. tour ever!! I don't know how many times i have said that but this one tops it all! Sis Aldridge gave us and Mary Green, a recently returning member who we were referred too! She has been reading the book of mormon and is finding out by herself that this is true again! We had the tour on BoM but it turned into how to help her life and it was really personal for Mary and it was just a great experience to be apart of. We had her read 3 Nephi before this and she told us her experience  It was powerful and pretty much just told her the book was true. We then got to watch the Testaments! Perfect movie for the experience she just had! Spirit was soo strong! We had David Sosa there with us as well. Rode up in her Mercedes benz..those car's are really nice. She then took us all out to eat too and it was good Mexican food!....We then me with Merri Maurer and Betty and had a really nice PoS lesson with them! It was a really spiritual lesson too! This day was just great!!!
Fri, We took the Chinese Elder's to Eric cause he can speak Chinese and wanted to go to the Chinese Branch. It was a hard lesson with him cause he just didn't seem to want to talk about the gospel. We were able to bring it back but was there a little longer than we should have been and Eric did end up going to the Chinese branch and liked it so he might be going there permanent but the Chinese Elder's don't really want to teach him so kinda a toss up situation. We then met with Nathan Struthers who is anti to a T. It is sad and we won't go back cause he is just not open to the spirit! Super sad but he is nice and maybe one day will know. Hard headed...we then took Carter Wonnacott a priest out with us and had a little lesson with a old investigator Marcus...David Sosa's friend! It was good. A review Restoration!
Sat, we helped move this part-member family back in the area and it was really good! Lasted for way to long but they needed our help and it was a work out! We were then out and about when Mark Getson called out my name and we went and walked and talked with him for a half hour! I like just to go out and walk...maybe it means i am getting old haha We met with Shannon Nanni again and taught the Law of Chastity. That is always a fun one haha. I love awkward moments but this one wasn't awkward so it was good! Hopefully she will be able to keep it with her new boyfriend who moved in her apartment house haha. We are teaching him tho now so hopefully nothing bad will happen!
Sun, Had the kids at church! Also Randall-Shannon's boyfriend! and then Eric went to the Chinese Branch and Mary Green came and stayed for the whole thing! I have loved this area because people have come to church! That has been my hardest thing is to get people to come to church and they are coming. Now i have to leave it. Also our Ward Mission Leader hasn't been really good and we told Bishop and he got us a new one, and now i have to leave. haha Kinda sad because this has definitely been my favorite ward! We then taught the kids and we gave them each a priesthood blessing. Those are fun to give! We had a really good meeting with the new Ward Mission Leader and it was good. He is going to be awesome!
Mon, We had a good meeting with a sweet family. Peter and Matilda Eyong! They are from Cameroon and it was a good meeting. They understood really good but had a hard time understanding that they would have to be baptized again...maybe they will get it from the Spirit! Twas a good find for us cause they seem like they are trying to do the best they can and if they embrace this gospel it will be a huge asset to the Ward! We also taught the PoS with Eric and brought Ben Blanco a priest out again! It was really good and glad Ben was there! He is a good kid who has a strong testimony. He will be a good Elder someday! Then tonight was call-outs...found out i was leaving and everyone else was staying! While we were hugging people goodnight...I always have tackled someone on my bed for a while and this time my bed frame was sticking out and Elder Roma got his leg cut open pretty bad. Had to go to the hospital at 10 30 at night and didn't get home till 2. It was bad haha. Not much sleep even tho we slept in. He got 6 stiches and it went clear to the bone in his shin ouchy! He is a good friend of mine so no hard feelings but i have him a reminder of me for the rest of his life haha. a nice scar!
Tues, Said goodbye to the Shaffer's! I will see them again for sure! They are really awesome people who you all will have to meet when we come out here! We then had a good V.C. Trip with Mark Wagner. A 20 year old investigator. We did family history work and did a tour on the Restoration, watched the Joesph Smith movie and had a really humbling experience in the Night of Music and Inspiration. We were there for like 4 hours haha. Spiritual Feast!!! Mary Green came for the Music thing and left halfway in between cause she was just crying too much! It was good for her. It was all on Christ! Super powerful!
Wed, here i am and having to leave this ward! Dang! I really really wished i could have stayed but i guess it is what it is and i will prolly like it here!
I got mail from Mara, Emma, Parker, Shawn and the stake today haha. Twas a good day! Will have to go and write letter's now. Only problem when you get mail haha. Will try to write Meg today too but we will see!
One good thing is that i get to go to the Heath's again!!! I love them and am grateful for the chance to be back!
love you all!  TA TA!!!

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