Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hi there,
 I have kinda accepted the fact that i think about home everyday..think about family.  I have tried to stop doing all that but finally just succumb to the fact that i will think about you guys. I don't waste my day thinking all the time about those things. I hardly think about you guy's at all during the day when i am working. Unless i see something that reminds me of home. But i do think about all you guy's every single day. sometimes it gets old. I think it just kinda hit me that it was fair week this week. All that happened last year associated with it haha wink wink...and just all the good times. I know there will be good times ahead. Just has to be. I know it will be completely different. I have accepted that fact for sure. It will never be the same and i guess i am okay with it. I am very excited for the rest of my life. There is very good things to come. Look up "Good things to come" Mormon Message. Really has helped me out and could help out everyone. When we go through all our trials, i am beginning to realize a reason behind them all. At the end of the Message Jeffery R. Holland just says it good. When we embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, Blessing come. They may not come right now, they may not come until the next life. But THEY COME. It is truly a fact. Sometimes i look back on my mission even and i haven't baptized. Done it once but he is fallen off the face of the earth now. Hasn't come to church since i left. He did it for the wrong reasons and so it kinda sucks to look back. I have been out here for 8 months. Yes it has gone by sooooo fast but yet it has been 8 months. Long time. And i haven't seen very many baptisms. Yes i know it is because i haven't done my part the best i could have. I know i can do better. I have tried to work on something every single day, week, transfer, month just something to improve. I will never ever be perfect. I guess i am realizing that we just have to do our best and the Lord picks up the rest. I know i will start to see baptisms. and to be honest if i don't ever have another one i wouldn't let it faze me. I know why i am here now. I know what i am doing now. I know i need to do it His way and that is a struggle to figure out that every day. Something should happen tho. I can see it in this week.
Walter, guy my comp didn't talk to and i did. Just a super cool guy and it was one of the most spiritual G-Q's i have had. Dogged a couple appointments but i wasn't gonna let him go quiet yet. Met him finally this week. Put him on 1st lesson.
Anthony, husband family with two kids. Kinda the same thing this week. on date.
Malika, and her two sons. On date.
I know it comes from trying to work hard and be obedient. something you just have to do. I am not the best at obedient. Just as a good friend of mine, a senior couple here in DC 3rd Ward said it best when talking about buying things on sunday cause we were joking we were going to go buy a drink on the way back to church from taking Kirk home. ( who is also on date wants to change his life got himself to church! YES) Elder Miller said "Some times you have to do things like that so you don't get translated" Lol. or however you spell it. pretty much so you don't get twinkled. We make mistakes like watching Keri Walsh and Misty May dominate the Italians on Sunday after giving Bro. Peguse the sacrament. Coolest guy ever. He just told us Olympics are legal and turned on the t.v. That volleyball match was legit! but i try not to do it every single time.
Things happen in life and you just have to go with them pretty much. Grateful to be here in D.C. i need to take more pictures haha. try to get you some but i just don't have alot. try to send my card home with megans letter this week.
I know the Lord is watching over us all and is blessing us! I love this gospel and all the blessings associated with it. Most converts tell us that they wished they had it sooner in their life. I tell them me too. Wished i would have believed in it earlier. I still prolly say i never had a testimony of the gospel until senior year. about december. That is when it all kinda started for getting my own testimony. I think i never really had one until about two transfers ago. When i was with the toughest comp i will ever have. I was so close to just coming home. Had to check why i was here and ever since then i think i have realized exactly how to get a testimony. You live it. You do everything you can to live it. Then the blessing come. I have a testimony of this gospel, i know the book of mormon is true, i know being obedient is the way you get the Spirit, I know i don't have to be perfect i just have to do the best i can.
Elder Watts, my last comp really helped me to just strengthen my testimony of everything. Literally everything. Love the kid even tho we don't have too much in common. He has prolly been my fav comp. so far. Even beats Elder Fawcett and Schaap but don't tell them i said that haha. I have loved all my comps but one haha some i have troubles with but hopefully they will all get worked out eventually. Somethings got to give i guess haha.
Thanks for all you do and the pics from the reunion! and the pics now?  i sense a secret you need to tell me?
Tell me the good stuff about the Olympics i am jealous.
Miss you guy's a ton but I know i will be home in 16 months or so haha long time left.
Thanks for everything and maybe i will have to write you guy's back sometime's i mean my sisters maybe i will have to respond with these voice letters? tell me which you want. Sometimes i just don't have time to write much.
Love you all, Keep having fun!
Elder Stoor

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