Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yes Mother's Day, Has it been almost 6 months already? Time fly's. It is weird but lots of people are going home and i am almost right in the middle of the mission age's out here. By the end of next transfer i will be on the older side i think. That is weird. My companion is good. He is not as bad as everyone else says he is. Sometimes i just think how bad it would be to be my companion then i don't think too bad of him. He is a good missionary and hard working. Every companion is different and has a different style of working and when you are the junior you just have to adjust alot more than the senior does. But when i have to be senior i will prolly take alot more of the style we are using now than those in the past.

Work is good. We had an exchange and they had a couple of good meetings. I don't know if i have told you about the Napoli's or not but they are from Napal and live in our complex. Most don't speak English and some can't read and alot of them are baptized. Once they were baptized they just fell into activity one by one. It is sad and it is just a burden on the ward but hopefully we can get them re-activated. My first transfer here only 1 or 2  came every other week and now we have had some there every week which is good. It shows the ward we are doing something at least. That is the thing i hate most. Being Judged. Judged by missionaries, members, and then prolly the worst one, myself. I hate it it is like we have to put on a show the whole time and i don't like doing that. I guess it is what you do to gain the trust tho.

Elder Bednar came last Saturday, that was pretty cool. He is legit. It was kind of a ask questions and they would answer them. Elder Jarrod(area seventy), 1st counselor in the new bishopric, and elder snow( i think just barely released pres. of the seventy) were there and just answered ?'s we had for them and how to go about better doing things. I like those meetings and it will be a feeling in the meeting i will never forget. I hope to have another 12 apostle come back while i am here so i can have it again cause it was just a good getting ?'s answered meeting. I didn't ask any but all the ?'s i had were answered by the Spirit. Funny how that happens. It was good because we were able to see the environment we need to give our investigators. He would just open it up to ?'s and repeat the ? and then teach doctrine sometimes not even related to the ? but still somehow answering it. and then asked if he did and he seemed to cover it haha.

We had a party at Sis Simms house this last week. Had 5 non-members there.  A couple wanted to bash so my comp did and shut them up and then stressed one out so much that she had to go have a smoke. haha People and the Trinity i don't know how you can even think of Jesus being 3 in 1 if you believe in him at all? Idk anyways the one we were hoping to get interested i think we got so hopefully see success from that.
Mother's Day! crazy well i guess that would mean me calling at 8:30 here which i could do for the whole family. I will explain it better on the phone but i might be calling earlier i will call mom prolly on a member's phone. Text ya on the mission phone prolly dad cause i think that is the only one i remember haha i hope it is 399-2573 if not maybe in the morning you should text my number xxx-xxx-xxxx that is sunday morning for a time to call ya mom during the day.

i take it that Mara is done with school? is it crazy you only have 3 more of those and i am home haha not getting trunky but it will go by fast. I can't believe that after this one i will only have 2 more phone calls home.
Well i am doing fine here i like this area i am just afraid pres. will wait till july and then stick me on a bike in the heat of the summer. That will be nice haha. Course maybe i will lose weight. I have been trying to go running more often to try and slim down but i don't know if it is working or not. I have lost like 20 lbs since coming on my mission. Guess i will be happy if i can lose 20 more haha My pants were tight in the MTC and now they are lose so i guess that is nice.

I bought some disc's today for disc golf. Had a good time. Elder Goodman did that in Arizona like 5 times so we will prolly wake up and go every p-day morning not a bad course. Didn't have my camera but it is like the one in poky except flat. I don't think i can find one in Maryland that will beat soda's but there are 17 in the mission i think so i will have to check them all out eventually hopefully. This one is practically right by the apartment so it is nice. Thought of the good times in Young men today that is for sure. I am a little rusty but still shot 1 under on 8 holes. hehe

hope everything is going good. Sounds like i get to miss some more work on the ranch. what a bummer hope you guy's have fun and hope you can get it done without me haha

Thanks for the e-mails. keep them coming religiously haha
Love ya Elder Stoor

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