Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i ain't trunky or homesick so don't worry about it. I was before the phone call tho. Bad. I was almost to the point of talking about coming home. The past three weeks have been tough. My companion is hard to get along with but i haven't been trying as hard as i should be. He isn't as bad as everyone says but it just happens. I know i can make the best of it tho.
When i talked to you guys i felt good. Thought about bringing up me wanting to come home but something told me not to. During our conversation i felt good. Seemed to feel the Spirit. It was real calming to be able to hear your voices. Then two days later we had CDM's, so interview with President. He was pretty bold with me and told me i have been complacent on my mission. I looked back and said yes i prolly have. Then he said i wondered why and i think it was because of your companions. I don't want to blame it all on them but it was a big part of it. I have had companions who prolly just go through the motions and so that is what i thought you did. It seemed to work. They seemed to have success and i thought it would be fine. Then Goodman came here and it has been and adjustment. As much as i know hard work you can't compare it to missionary work cause it is completely different. Yes i know it is part of it but mainly just a different type of work than i am used to. During my interview, he said that is what i want you to learn. He says i don't condone alot of what Elder Goodman goes about things, but he does know how to work and i want you to learn that from him. I said i already have and i am just trying to get adjusted and start going. You learn alot from your companions on how to do things and you take the strengths and mold them all together and most of what i hope to be i am learning from Elder Goodman. Before i was pretty new and just kind of did what my senior did, but i think i am figuring out how to do things and how to go about my day. I made a promise to learn more and become who i am going to become and not just think about it. I think i have done that alot. Thought about who i want to become and have not put forth the effort to become it. It is going to be fun and i am going to enjoy doing it.
Later that night this was yesturday, we had a super spiritual lesson. I think this is the strongest i have ever felt it in a lesson and one of the strongest times in my life. I could feel it in me. It was telling me what to say, bringing me things from my own life that would help this man. It was really intense. Mark is his name. He is a tattoo artist from Germany. His wife is a member but has not been coming and seems to have a testimony. They are having trouble as a couple and some of it is over religion. Her family is mormon and super active. They want them to be active too and the dad is trying to get them to go to church so their daughter who is 4 will have the good standards. Mark is Atheist tho. He taught me alot in the hour we were there. We went over tattoo's, Spirit, Church, What we need to do to be happy and why we need to do it, and then of course Heavenly Father. It was just one of those moments that make you realize why you are here and it was cool to be able to feel the Spirit as strong as i have these past couple of days.
I know who i am becoming and yes it is going to take time to get there but i am gonna do it. I look back and say i wish i woulda done this a little better. or done this different. Learned more before my mission but i can't change the past so i just have to work harder at studying and also just being able to get the words that need to come out out haha.
Thanks for the e-mails and for the support you have given me these first 5-6 months. Can't believe it has been that far but guess that is life.
Can i get Nathan's e-mail address so i can send him somethin cause there is no way i will be able to write him. thanks
hopefully the s-d card will get there tomorrow, i hope nothing happened too it. Mail takes too long to get to me and too long to get home.
Colton is now in the MTC in the longest day of his life haha. at least it was for me. Not that it wasn't good but those first 6 hours oh boy they are long haha. MTC was good and it was a good experience but i don't think i want to do it over again.
We just got done bug bombing our apartment. That was fun hopefully all the bed bugs will go bye bye.
Went disc golfing again today but didn't take any pictures. Next week maybe.It is a fun course. Not nearly up to par with Soda's but it is fun. I think i might become an avid disc golfer when i get home haha. It is just fun to do.
I hope this week you all have a little fun! take some pics so i can see and i might remember my camera and take some more pictures for you all to see
See Ya
Love Elder Stoor!
p.s. i like mail so all you who haven't written me yet....COME ON!! hehe

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