Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hey there peeps

so this week was prolly the toughest week so far, i swear no one answers the door. I am happy that i opened up the garage door for them missionaries in Elko cause they were prolly going through the same thing. I think we taught a total of one lesson last week. It isn't that we are not trying it is just the fact that no one want to answer the freakin door even when we hear them inside and all the lights are on. It is kinda annoying. It prolly didn't help the fact that Elder Schaap had a couple of meetings and general conferance, but it is okay. i will make it.

I really liked what you sent me from shawn's blog mom, cause that is so true. I go through that everyday. I get down on myself for not following this rule or making a mistake there, but i feel that is what satan wants us to do. He is all about traps and The gospel is about freedom. I just have to put in my best effort. I just keep trying to do my best every day and i know that the Lord will take care of the rest.

So i bought this kinda expensive notebook couple weeks ago but it is legit. I am becoming more organized...go figure... and i give the book all the credit. It will be nice because it will have all my studies, meeting notes and just everything in between. I am going now to try and start memorizing scriptures when we are going from appointment to appointment. there is this program that tells me i can have a photographic memory by the end of it. I know i am not supposed to believe everything i read but i am going to give this one a shot cause what will hurt?...just might have a 100 or so scriptures memorized, okay not that many you guy's know me too well

I am glad shelb had a good birthday and no i did not forget about you just be patient and i might get around to sending your present home. Meg and mom will be a bit early and also i am going to send home like 3 or 4 long sleeve white shirts to save for after my mission seeming as dad has gotten some lately and just please send me out some short sleeve ones like 4 or 5. I don't like them long sleeve one's all they do is make me sweat, which i do alot anyway. I hopefully will begin to lose some more weight here tho cause i need to start workin out in the morning. Believe it or not but i have lost about 15-20 lbs since going into the MTC. but i am still fat. not too worried about that tho

We will have to watch the hunger games when i get home shelb, i wanna see it.
so conferance we watched 3 out of the 5 at the Visitor's Center on the big screen. Oh man it was legit. Watch conferance on a movie theater screen, oh yes that place is so cool. Tell Chris Banks i have met J.S. Armstrong, he is super cool and has a memory like i have not seen before. He remembers what the weather was like most days, super funny and cool guy.

So my favorite talk was the one by David Evans when he talked about getting missionaries mail...haha jk but it was good for people who had investigators there. no Dieter F Uchdorf and his "Stop it" talk was my personal favorite. He is a good talker and i enjoy his talks. I have been reading alot of conferance talks lately. If you sent me talks thanks mara bytheway but sent it on one page front and back cause i have a conferance notebook and i know the words are super small but i am young and have good eyes still. And also Elder Schaap introduced me to the "Man of Christ" by maxwell. Oh man that is super good. if you read it read it like 50 times and then you might start to begin to understand it but hey it is good.

I still like Elder Schaap alot and i hope i am not being the companion that no one likes but guess i will never know. He is cool tho and i think might be my favorite thus far. My last one was kinda tough to be with, so maybe that is just making him look good haha.

The GPS is a good tool to have and it is alot nicer to use than a map. We live with another set of missionaries. Remember the black missionary, he is a good friend and is nice to room with. Elder Gumbi, then an Elder Watson from Colorado he is cool. a little different but aren't we all? lol

The family we have been teaching has been kinda avoiding us it feels like. I hope it is not the case but it sounds like they don't want to meet with us. It is tough but they are in a rough spot because he is un-employed at the moment and i am sure that is super stressful. They did not watch conferance but i guess that is what happens when you get a gospel principles lesson on exaltation the first time at church. It was super in depth for me let alone someone's first time and he did not take to becoming god's very well. He took it like we were going to replace god which is not the case. It sure does make you think tho and i have a headache over it. There are alot of things like this that we know but it is kinda vague and we act more with faith than we do with knowledge. I am still learning more about it.

One of the most coolest thing about the gospel is that you can never quit learning tho. There is always something to do to learn more about what is in store for us. Pres. Monson's talk i don't remember which one but it was the one where he mentioned death, was super good and made me think about the Evans and what they are going through. That would be so hard to deal with, even with the knowledge that we have. It takes me back to last summer and with working with Sara and i remember her telling me that she knew that being a good person was the most important thing. She had heard from other people that if you are not mormon you won't make it. or something along those lines. But as always it is easier to baptize someone and have them accept it in the next life than it will be to change what a persons desires are. Easier to be good now than it is to not be good. That may not have made sense to you guys but it did to me haha

I hope everything is well back at home and on the ranch
Mom if you could you could buy me a hard drive to put some stuff on. I can organize my pictures on my mision so  i know just when it happened then send the s-d card home? could you send me one of those i will let you buy that one and i will buy some basketball shoes. Thanks mom your the best and i hope to send home this s-d card with the presents and some white shirts sometime this next week.

Love you guy's keep going strong
Love Elder Stoor

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