Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transfers haha, When you have a good companion they kinda suck but i am used to saying goodbye now haha. Elder Schaap was really fun to be with and he taught me a whole lot. He helped me along my way of finding myself. That is prolly the biggest thing i have done for me is to find out who i really am. There are things that i don't like and it is tough to change but i got two years to perfect the things i want for my life. I cannot believe that i have been out for like 5 months haha It has gone by fast, but i got a freaking long time left. 
It is weird to be around all these dying missionaries and i know a little bit of what Elder Banks is thinking about. Not totally but i have the feeling. He will be a good man and i know that serving a mission is one of the best decisions of his life because it is for mine. 
There is one bullet for all you guy's (sorry i didn't leave a note on them) but they are my Anacostia shells. I have a bigger one and thought i didn't want to pack them all around so i give them to you so you can remember me. The white shirts just for after cause i won't be wearing long sleeves and i have not worn my hat and won't but i want it for afterwards cause it is a good hat. And those mitten gloves yeah enough said mom those can be your's haha. I didn't know if you would like the leather one's as well but i just had a pair and i think fawcett left the other brand new one's in the apartment and thought i would use them but i only use the little one that i have. Gloves just get in the way as always and you can never grab the little things so i don't want them haha. 
Enjoy the pics and i thought that sign would keep the guy's off of your computer at work haha. 
The Ranger looks super fun and i am glad you were able to go. Enjoy the mountains, and the opportunity you have to go haha. It is weird but i miss the mountains more than anything. Can't tell which way is north have to go by the roads, city life just isn't for me. People just don't have common sense here on the east coast when it comes to traffic. and other things. 
Elder Bednar should be fun to meet. He will prolly come and rebuke us on everything we are doing wrong haha. It is weird but the problems in this mission are super not a problem in other missions. We hear some things going on that we would not even think of doing haha. Just as a member said and it is the biggest advice i have had is to Love the Gospel and be yourself. Thats it. Members will love you, and other people as well and that is the biggest thing on missionary work is what others think of you. If they trust you and you open up to them, success will happen. I try to be as obedient as i can and just trying to find out who i am  (coming to that realization) then just talking with people about everything. 
So i guess i can tell you who my new companion is haha Elder Goodman is his name and he is my long lost brother. Fawcett trained us both so in the mission we are brothers.  He will be fun and so far he seems like we will have a good time and get alot done. He has a reputation for being a hard worker and a good missionary so that is something i like in a companion. Hopefully we will get alot done cause the field here in College Park is white and i have a feeling we are close to something happening haha Somethings got to give. 
Not much new to tell ya about tho. I don't know if i told you about Brian Jones but he is a less-active and he is super funny. The reason he is not coming to church is honest. Cause he is lazy haha he told us that and we have been texting him everyday with something to read in the scriptures and to be a reminder for him to read and pray. He sent us a text that might explain a little bit. After we told him to read Alma 32 he texted us and said" i read the first five verses and can already tell this is going to be good" haha Super funny cause it took him like a week and a half to read that chapter lol. hopefully he will start coming to church and turn his life around. He has the desire and intention to do it so hopefully we can help him. 
i hope i get some pics of the bonfire as well hint hint haha Looks like you all had fun up in the mountains wish i could've been there for that but i am here haha where i am supposed to be which i like, hopefully i don't sound like i complain alot cause it is hard but i don't want to lie. Thanks for the support and everything. P-day is my favorite day cause i get to e-mail. This is all i really care about doing on p-day i just want to e-mail. Love you all and i will talk to ya'all on like mother's day. That is this transfer...crazy. Maybe we can bend the rules and skype ;] i dunno haha Hopefully this week will be good i am excited! 
Love Elder Stoor

College Park Zone

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