Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi people

Hello Everyone,

This week/transfer just keeps on going fast. I can't believe how fast it goes by. Today we had Zone Activity and it was fun. We went to a park with another Zone and played games and cooked burgers and hot dogs and just played basketball. It was pretty fun. I am super tired. It is also fun to play basketball against Elder Gleed i like him alot. Neither of us remember Sizzler very well but i do remember what he looked like. Super weird.

Good Luck Colton on your mission farewell or whatever ya call it nowdays, and  when ya get out of the MTC we might have to start to write each other. I need to sit down and write Zach and Shawn too i have not done that yet. I am the worst at writing letters haha

I got the package and i don't think anyone has ever seen a letter on a shoebox before so A+ for you. Thanks for the shirts they will be much nicer.

Shelb i didn't forget about ya cause i have your present in a box along with megan's and mom's and along with four white long sleeve shirts to maybe have ya save for after my mission. I am sending them home cause i will never wear them. I dunno if it was just this year but it just doesn't get cold out here but i have a feeling it will get hot. The weather has been about perfect everyday so far. It is hot to wear a suit coat in the sun but hopefully by the next e-mail i won't have to wear them anymore. Pres. Told us in Zone Conferance yesturday that there are General Authorities in the area and he wants our suit coats on. Those guys just need to leave haha

The area this week has been better than the last few days. We realize that alot does happen in a day because it seemed normal for one of us in the area, did a little exchange yesturday, but alot actually happened that i had to fill Elder Schaap on so maybe it is not as bad as i have been telling you. We did a fast and doing that actually works haha believe it or not. Ever since then we have been starting to have a little more doors open people telling us they want to meet with us and just little things like that that keep ya going. so i am just grateful to be here.

I have decided to take things a little selfish to help me out. I have looked at what i have learned and tried to apply it. I have decided that i am here to learn for myself, grow my testimony, prepare for eternity, and to just become a better latter-day saint. We all look back on life and wish we would have changed some things and i wish i just would have been a better example than i was in high school. I just now look to the future and hope that i can become a good example and people can look at me and know that i believe in Christ and know it from my actions. The talk "Man of Christ" is really good and i learn alot from it every day. It is confusing at first but i think that is what my ultimate goal is, to be a man of Christ.

Easter was good. not like the others so it doesn't feel like Easter but what do ya do haha. I still don't feel like i have had christmas yet haha. It just don't seem like it was but that is a good thing and i know i am growing tons out here and i hope to never stop growing the rest of my life.

Okay i will just go buy it myself but i just want a hard drive to put all my crap on. Like the one you have mom for putting your pictures on. I will go get it tho, although it might be cheaper if you get it and just have it shipped to me online. let me know next week.

i have not been to the Holocaust yet but i plan on it shelb. I here it makes you feel the opposite of the temple if that makes any sense haha I will prolly go a couple of times on my mission tho. I enjoy going down to the mall and might go again in a couple of weeks (be jealous)

that family dad, well trying to get back in with them. Seen them with an Easter Basket and they are just worrying cause he doesn't have a job and told us they would call again. I know they will sometime and it will be tough to explain but will have to do it. and we can use for video's and other things so it is fun. Cool to watch those videos with investigators cause it just invites the Spirit.

Thanks for the emails and i hope grandma and grandpa are enjoying the new car!
Love ya guys just don't start counting down just yet ;]

Love Elder Stoor

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