Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi Sorry guys might be short

I can't believe you got a Ranger and didn't send me a picture what the crap haha thanks for the hard drive mom i haven't got it yet but hopefully here in a little bit.
So, this week we got a member thing going haha i have heard my whole mission that member work is the way to go, Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep haha so me and Elder Schaap got to thinkin and decided maybe we should go see them haha. So he and is mechanical engineer self made a graph that will keep track of when members are available and we are pretty much telling the members we are going to be checking on them. We are not going to be like on our knees for refferals or anything like that but if you give us some we won't complain. We hope to just get to know them and help them with life. The Firth's are super awesome. Everytime we go over there the conversation back in the car..."Man i wanna be like Bro Firth he is the man...Yeah and if my wife is that cool and hot i will be the happiest man on earth haha. Pretty much they are the coolest family ever. Kids are super cool, have two and Bro Firth is stacked and super just awesome can't explain other than that and they told us to come over as much as we liked which is what we like.
The family is pretty much gone. Osceola. Seen them and said he has a job and didn't seem like they wanted us to come over anymore and it is all because of gospel principles and exaltation. It is super hard to see how much they had felt the spirit and then see this happen. But such is life. I think the other family will hopefully start taking lessons.
This week we were knocking doors and had a good experience with two on this street and they were not home. I had a feeling we should go knock on a door before when we were checking on the others so i told Elder Schaap and we went over there. The lady is named AnaLisa and she just moved in and was meeting with missionaries in New Jersey. kinda cool experiences on listening to promptings.
Dad that would be sweet if you bought the Dozer haha You need it..just saying Who owns a Dozer??? haha
congrats on graduating from institute and you know you will get the job cause all the guy's are in love with you haha
I do have to say that Elder Schaap is my favorite companion. he is super fun and i am not sick of him yet but the odds are by next week i will have another companion. Dang transfers snuck up on me. Letter is short because of Death Temple and Death Ball. Cannot believe it is already this time. Freak
I have learned a ton again this transfer and hopefully i will continue to improve. I am out of money on my blue card again cause i bought this expensive notebook that i can have all my Study/note stuff in. It is super cool and i just love having it in one spot instead of in two or three different notebooks. By the end of my mission it should be a really awesome book to look at. I am going to start memorizing scriptures so i hope to have quiet a few in my head ready to pull out on people. I have wanted too for a while and i have been feeling like i should so now i am going to do it. I am going to have this other notebook with scriptures in it so i can have it with me and study in the car when it is quiet or when we are going to appointment to appointment or when i just have the time haha
Does tin foil kill mice. Let me know cause i might try it haha we have a ton in our apartment. If you pay attention you can see them every so often. We have been setting up traps and stuff but they keep pooping all over the place. annoying, and i have had bed bugs. Freak i thought that was a fairy tale. Just love waking up to mosquito bites in the morning all over my arm. Killed quiet a few and will prolly get the place bombed! That'll teach em
I think tho that missionary work is the hardest thing i have done in my life. I know that you know i mostly don't like to play mental games with people and it seems like that is alot of what missionary work is. It has really strengthened my testimony and i know it is because i use it so much. Alot of how i deal with things is i testify of things and they study and pray and get a right answer. It is all on them and it is hard to watch people not make the right decision. One guy texted us after telling us he was lazy that he was too sleepy to come to church. Things like that just kinda frustrate ya a little bit. Then you just remember why you are here then go back to work.
I prolly need to get going so i love you guys and thanks for the e-mails sounds like life is going good back at home. It is weird when i think about home cause it is going to be so different when i come back, that usually lets me get back to focus on what i need to be doing. i love you guy's and i know that i am learning and growing and becoming who i want to be. I love this gospel and sometimes i know we take it for granted. Remember Hallstrom's words from conference "You can be active in the church, but be less-active in the gospel." The gospel is the way to happness and we all need to be active in the gospel. Being active in the church helps us with that. I hope that everything stays good for you guy's back at home. TTYL
Love Elder Stoor

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