Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13, 2011

Hellooooo, good to hear from all you guys keep the letters comin, thanks to all who wrote and especially momma, matt and mary ann for the packages!!! Also to aunt monica and uncle russell for the christmas card! This week has seriously flown by i cannot believe that i am going into the mission field on Sunday!!!! got our travel iteneraries and we leave the MTC Sunday at 8:30 and then catch a flight at 12:55 to Atlanta then to Dolles airport landing about 9 o clock and we are guessing there time so bout a 6 to 7 hour flight so i am excited, feels like i was dropped off the curb yesturday! I get to take new missionaries away from their families on Wednesday for a while don't know how many i am going to get to do but we will see!

I have learned many things and my testimony has grown sooooo much it is crazy. The two most scriptures i use are 2Nephi 32:3 and Alma 37:6-7 so look em up cause they are good. I don't know what the TRC stands for but it is a place that is supposed to have real investigators and try to make it as real as they can, but some of them are real. They get volenteers to come and just feel spiritual and others come to learn the gospel. One TRC i used the Alma one and the lady commited herself to going back to Church and i turned to my comp and was like PERFECT haha. In Class our teachers do fake investagators and one told me that he just needed an Angel to come and see him, go look at 2Nephi one haha was amazed when i read that because i was going to use it to get him to read the scriptures and i answered his ? and got him to commit to reading more.

Thanks to Sis Mazza for giving me that card, Sunday i opened up and read through it and laughed cause the note she left me told me if i run into an Elder Farely who teaches here to give him her love and he is my teacher lol also Sis Mazza there is an Bro. Lybbert here who is training to teach with Bro. Farely so i have met both of them...Bro. and Sis. Moldenhower will appriciate this also, Tis a small world haha

I will send some pictures home next time i forgot my camera again so terribly sorry haha, but i have taken a couple will try and take more and might send a pic of me and my teachers home cause they are pretty cool. Favorite lesson was when we were learning about teaching with the Spirit...Bro Lybbert and Farely taught that lesson and i have never been in a place where the Spirit was stronger, learned alot and it is crazy that you can know every single thing that your investagators need if you have the spirit and are teaching by the Spirit so i learned a big lesson and it was prolly the most important one!

Glad to here that you will have a post season Shelb keep up the good work! and let me know everything that happens
how is meg doin int he play? don't even know when it is so let me know
mara thanks for the letters appriciate everyone
Dad thanks for the letters i need them
Momma i love ya and sad to hear that pepper misses me but i liked that story cause i miss everyone too but i know i am where i am supposed to be and if my mission goes as fast as these last week has gone then i will be home before you know it! I am looking forward to coming home but i am trying to focus as much as i can here. I really have not time to think of you guys back home exept when i am reading my letters and right before bed but i am so tired by the time i get to bed that i just crash. The spirit is so strong it is crazy and it wheres you out soooo much i have never been so mentally tired in my life Think soo much here please don't make fun of my spelling again i am just trying to type fast and try to remember everything. You should send me an email on monday night with all the ?'s you asked me so i can get them all cause i never remember to bring the letters to the computer lab all i think about is getting to email you guy's.
We only have a half hour too and like everything else it goes by fast but i want to be able to do it in a half hour to be obidient, so yeppers

Had a BYU Men's Choir Devotional on Sunday it was just pretty cool. They are awesome singers and had the best finally i have ever heard had the Spirit there so strong and then we all stood up and gave them and ovation after the prayer it was a sight to see. love music and speaking of music try to get my ipod done and also if you can get as many watch faces as you can on there so i can accesoritise you know haha and also just because i am a nerd. and tell me if you can find every hymn if you can't there is one in the bookstore that is green that has every hymn on it i can get it if i have too and send it home also, everything in there is 40% off and i need to quit going in there but time is up so ta ta till next week in D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Stoor

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