Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wed, It was really interesting without a phone to go in blind hoping the member we had set up to come to an appointment and have it hold! Well it did and it was really good. Randy is a less-active who we are going to get back into activity. Josh Highum was the member to come and he just got off his mission from the Poky mission haha. Tell those missionaries there in Soda i will betcha they know him. He set the appointment up and came and taught better than us so it was a really good appointment. We then met with another kinda less-active guy. At least in our ward. Bro Coberly is a ward missionary who attends the later ward most of the time cause he can't get himself out of bed haha. It was a good visit.

Thurs, We did a good ole day of using the phone! We called every less-active and potential we have! We made sure everything was updated in our good ole weekly planning session and it took a while. It was broken up by a member taking us to lunch! Chinese Buffet is always a good option. Eat all you can cause on a bike you just burn everything off then some haha. We then went to dinner at a member's home and had him talk our ear off haha. From Ecuador! Really nice guy. Asked one ? that took him the rest of dinner to answer haha. You think i am kidding too. It was fun to listen to him tho so don't think i am complaining. Nice not have to think of anything else to keep the conversation going for once haha. We then taught a potential about the book of mormon at GNC. It was a good time to teach him there we have gone in there almost every p-day to dream about becoming fit and skinny. Built a relationship and now we are going to teach him!

Fri, We put every last former investigator we have on our map! It was great! It is actually really exciting to me to be able to have them all of them up. now we can go to some places we have never been! I dunno what to do after we have checked on all of them. Good news tho. Amelia and Eric are our new investigators! She went to the church last Sunday and sat through a little of sacrament meeting of another ward and gave her info out. We went and taught them a Restoration lesson and it went great! After Joesph Smith's first vision, Amelia said "you know what i think i can believe this. I think i do believe this, because in the Bible God talked and visited all his prophets!" It was a good intro to the Book of Mormon, This is the way that you can really truly know this! It was a powerful lesson! They came to church! Eric is her son who is 20! Good guy! we are really excited. They told everyone they will be back and she is going to bring her twins who are 5 next time too! Introduced her to their primary teacher and everything just seemed to go as planned! We then visited Sis Puckett today as well! She is just a fighter. Also visited with a less active Sis Henry who is making plans to come back to church come September haha. Asam-Eyong family had us over for dinner! It was really good. Spinach with fish in it with the African aftertaste haha. (extra info, but this make my poop green for like 5 days haha) What food can do to ya haha. Never know what you are going to get with African food sometimes. Today was a really good day!

Sat, We went to the Garden and weeded a ton! It was fun. With Bro Corbin! We found a ton of slugs. I really don't like those things haha. We then had a good day of proselyting till dinner with the Sister Wills and her non-member brother! It was excellent! Super good homemade lasagna! We then took off to the Visitor's Center for a concert with a less-active brother! It was the wrong concert for me to go to haha. Opra in 5 different languages haha. It was really interesting haha. Good but not my cup of tea. We had another member who we thought was less-active but apparently is at church every week haha oops. She enjoyed the concert tho.

Sun, 3 People at church! YIPPEE! The Asam-Eyong family brought a friend to church that during Gospel Principles told Elder Appiah that she is going to join the church! Meeting with her tomorrow! Erika is her name! we are super stoked for a member referral! We then took Bro Coberly to the visitors center for a night of music and inspiration! It was super good. Met up with Bro J.S. Armstrong. He has now retired (from the DC 3rd Ward) It was fun to talk to him again. Apparently the FHE that I started there is still going strong. It is a good feeling to know something you started is still going and is an excellent missionary resource! They talked in church the FHE group and gave all the credit to Elder Fisher tho haha. Such a shame when he knows that i did it haha. It is kinda funny.

Mon, District Meeting went swell! We had lunch at Cafe Rio afterwards Yum yum. We met with Bro Groome about family history again. We are going to try to save his ancestors and we are starting to talk about God and things with him as well. His son is a Christian but not mormon pretty much told him that he was going to be damned and it just pissed him off even further haha. I really hope that he will come around. I feel like i have formed a solid relationship with him now and guess we will see. It is hard to see someone who has a testimony of the church but just has a big grudge against God and is now agnostic because of it. He is open to submitting the names he has found for temple work tho. At least have us submit them. He is a good example of not being a hypocrite to me! We then had dinner with the Thompson family. It was really good except their kids went kinda crazy cause the missionary's were there. They were embarrassed haha. Really good dinner tho! Did we go crazy when the missionary's came in Elko?

Tues, We went around our complex with the former list and got alot of them checked on and wrote some things on the records. We then went to Leasure World with Bro Schaffer and checked on the less-actives! It is truly a different world in a secure retirement living place! Cover's half of our area tho it is big! 7,000 people live there haha. We met with a guy from Iran who quit coming to church cause they found out in Iran and he can't come anymore cause he would just endanger his family. He escaped the country and it is just crazy over there. After we went there. We taught Kelvin at GNC again! He is from the Philippians and just started to read the book of mormon! we shared the Restoration super fast cause he is working and left him to read! We then met Kimberley! She is a single lady who is having problems with demons in her house. We gave her a Book of Mormon to read and we are going to go cast them out today at 6! wish us luck haha. She says she isn't living too bad and don't know why this is happening to her. She smokes, had an affair with a married man(but he was in an abusive relationship and is getting out of it haha) and tells us some more things. Told her to start putting light into her life and they will go away. Said a prayer and hopefully it works tonight! Then we looked up and ran home cause it was really dark clouds. Made it home a little early but then the thunder struck and it was a huge downpour outside haha. We just ended our night there! haha

WEd, we are at the Library of Congress! Super fun to be on the mall, visited air and space today and might hit another before going home we will see!
Love you all! Thanks for the e-mails!
Elder Stoor

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