Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wed, So Kimberly held her appointment and we were able to teach her a Restoration and commit her to read the BoM, we gave her a blessing as well. I hope that she will be able to put more light into her life. Hopefully she won't have problems with the "evil spirits" anymore. We then had a really good lesson with Amelia too! Just talked with her mainly and ended up teaching the Law of Tithing and a brief explanation of the PoS! Left her with that pamphlet. It was a good night!

Thurs, We were Weekly Planning today! There seems to be always something to do in the apartment. Updating stuff seems to be endless especially when you are working! We then met with Sis Henry for about an hour. She is coming to church in September haha. Guess that is better than nothing. Just wonder if she will say Oct in September haha. We then visited with a guy that has a 2008 Corvette, 1986 Porsche, 2013 VW Bug, and has rebuilt an old VW Dune Buggy! You can imagine what we talked about haha. I had talked with him before and he wasn't too interested in the gospel. We had a good discussion about life and the job world. Maybe we will get to him when we see him next! Forgot his name tho haha. I don't think we asked for it but talked to him for an hour or so haha. We then had dinner with Bro Berg and then had a meeting afterwards. He is taking off to Montana come this friday to go fishin and i told him he needs to go visit good ole Caribou County! He has been my favorite WML cause he seems to be the only one that is doing things without us telling him what needs to be done! Glad we only have to do our job and not his too!

Fri, We had a good study in the morning and headed to our apt. (good thing it was in our complex) cause a car strolled up and unrolled their window, thought they needed help and it turned out it was Uncle Craig haha. It was really good to see him. It did not make me trunky haha. I am really happy I saw him. Gave me the boost i need right now! It was a little different and i didn't really know what to say, should have invited him to our apt! We taught Erika with Bro Asam tho and had a really good Restoration lesson! At the end we had her pray and it was a really awesome prayer. I then invited her to be baptized right after and Gave her a date for Sept 8th! She threw her hands in the air and said Yipee! That was a first to me! She is super excited for it! really happy for her! We then saw Sis Puckett, She is a sweetheart! I love visiting there. It makes me want to be a better person every time i go over there! We role played with her today! It was super good. She is a very bold missionary and just tells people how it is! It can give a funny story or two! We then had Randy Kimble (LA) and Bro Schaeffer come with us to an appointment! It was great! Taught Eric the Plan of Salvation! I think we have found the reason Amelia and Eric are our investigators. Randy came to church this week for the first time in like 2 years and Eric and him have become friends, funny but they knew each other before.

Sat, We went to help Sis DeBerry get some stuff from her storage unit! Moved every box in her place haha. Eric came with us and then we went to the church afterwards to play basketball. I was super rusty. It was fun tho. We had the Irvines come and it was just a good ole time. We then went to Bro Bergs to talk about some more things he is trying to start to help us see where the less-actives are in the progress coming to church! We then went to dinner with Tommie! She is a super nice lady but is having a hard time in her life. We then saw Amanda and had a good visit with her and her husband. She doesn't want to be taught so we are trying to just build a relationship with her husband so maybe someday he will want to be taught!

Sun, Church was great! Ward Council was good too! We had Amelia and Eric, and Randy come to church! Erika couldn't make it cause her father had a stroke! She wasn't in a good place on Sunday to come to church i guess! Everything is okay now tho. We went to Why I Believe tonight with Amanda! It was super good. Amelia and Eric were supposed to come too but ended up showing up at 8:45 and the thing got over as soon as they called saying they were there. I took them back to the house and we watched the family video and then showed them the twelve apostles picture. It was really powerful. Eric said he felt the Spirit! It was really peaceful. Amelia then lit up and was super happy her son was feeling it too! Really neat experience. Funny moment, when they called they said they couldn't find the place and they were around back and the door wouldn't open. I ran outside and went behind the V.C. and they were not there....yes that is right, they tried to go to the Temple. I was laughing so hard haha. I had to contain myself when they came in view. Temple doors were thankfully locked.

Mon, ZONE CONFERENCE! Man what a long day! It was super good tho as always. Learned alot. There was a really good spirit there. we then had a good visit with Erika. We asked her what did she remember and she hit every point in the Restoration. It was awesome! We then talked about baptism and feasting on the scriptures. Gave her a PoS pamphlet and we will see if she can teach us it next lesson! We then had dinner with the Jupitor's! Super good! Found out there grandaughter just got home from a mission and we were in the same class at the MTC, it was a little funny. We then checked on former's and picked up a good potential out of it! I then had one of the best studies i have had in a long time. Read Alma 34 and kept thinking about Bro Groome the whole time and then did some good repenting and it was just cool as i looked over my notes from Zone Conference. Really just had a strong impression that God is real. It is hard to explain but this was prolly my most spiritual study i have ever had. Feel really good about it. I have been thinking alot about going home and about my mission so far and just came to some conclusions on what i need to do. Kinda weird but Grandma gave me the BoM in 100 days study guide thing and i looked at the calendar and i had exactly 100 days left. I am going to try to do it. and finish where i am at already Alma 34. The scriptures have really given me a boost lately and i am grateful for them.

Tues, We did a little planning this morning for our next investigator's lessons and updating and calling and all that fun stuff. Worked and checked on some people and got cancelled on and dogged haha. We then played basketball at the church again with a good group of young men! It was super fun and i kinda won every game i played. I don't like to lose and i think i impressed alot of them there. Guess i still got a little game left in the tank. We really did alot today but not much to really report on!

Wed, We did something really impressive this morning! We biked to D.C.! It gave us an accomplished feeling today! Kinda crazy maybe but it was worth it! We then went to Natural History Museum and came to the Library of Congress to e-mail! Super duper fun! I love the Mall!
Thanks for all you do!
Love Elder Stoor

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