Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why it's me again!
Wed, we got dogged and did our plans super fast so we went to this one place close to home and tracted one door! It was a J.W.! haha but he accepted a book of mormon and set up a time for next Wed so wish us luck in the Bible Bash haha jk, That is the first J.W. i have had accept something from us!

Thurs, We had fun Doing Family History! I hope i get into it when i get home, you will have to ask me and hopefully i can really get it going and do some things, at least i want to index! We ended up having a really good night! A member, Bro and Sis Thoerig took us to a part member family's house of Kyada Hunt! She is a convert of a year and it was just a bomb lesson. Kyada just graduated and is going to BYU_I , we got on facebook and she looked up Jade and Jenna cause i heard a rumor that they were going there and was wondering if they could be friends haha. She is kinda going in blind so she would feel alot more comfortable to maybe know someone's name when she gets there. Maybe she could get help haha. We ended up having a bomb lesson with them on little things to come unto Christ! Spirit was super strong and we are going to start teaching her mom! She wants to learn cause her daughter is strong in the gospel! We set up a time to come back tomorrow and also going to the V.C. on Saturday to watch who??? Jenny Oaks is at it again with a Disney concert!!!! YIPPEE!!! be jealous...after the lesson we went to try to contact our referrals in her complex and i talked to this guy riding a harley, was asking him some ?'s about it and he invited us to come in for a half hour! Ended up staying hour and 15 haha. Super sweet lesson with him, he loved it!! He then told us an experience he had with the Spirit! He said he had this dream when his father died. He could have been there for it but he ended up going to his work before to pick up his cell phone. Then got the call from the doctor saying that he had passed. He was mad at God a little bit for telling him to go get his cell phone when he could have been with his father in his last moments here. He then had a vision on what could have happened! It wasn't very good. He knew that God was taking care of him and now he can't ? that! He also told us that he thinks that God is going to lead him to even better things and told us that this might be one of them. We then bore testimony and left! Super good lesson with him! Awesome night!

Fri, Went on Exchange with E. Farley! Had a super duper good time! Love this kid! Talked a bunch in the morning and just got to know him super good. This kid is stacked as well! Taught me how to get in shape and look like him so i guess we will see if i can do it when i come home. We had a lesson with a member on family history and then took him to an appointment with Ingrid an investigator who just doesn't want to open up and will prolly have to be dropped soon but it was a good lesson. We then went to see Terry! This guy is the most prepared person i have ever met in my entire life! It is crazy how prepared he is! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, asked him what repentance means...he said, it means to change, like have a different output on things....that is right haha, asked him what it meant to be baptized...he said, like make a promise with God to live good, and to like start a new life, you get forgiveness. I think we were about to fill up his bathtub and git r done haha. We then went to dinner with Thomas! he is an electrician but his quitting his job to serve a mission before he turns 26! Super cool! Took us to Five Guy's haha i inhale their burgers there! We then got dogged for an appointment up by campus so walked around campus and try'ed to talk to all the pretty ladies there who don't wear any clothes haha. See through shirts are like the new thing out here haha.

Sat, We did service like crazy! Moved Bro Curtis, Painted at the Heath's (my favorite!!!) then went to an appointment with Ms. Bramwell! She is super busy and wants to learn but is going on a 6 week vacation to Jamaica haha. Soooo see her later but i was really glad i was able to teach her! There was alot of great lessons but she dogged us for church again...
We then went to do more service for Sis Opara! Worked hard today physically it felt sooo nice!

Sun, didn't get to take the sacrament cause we were running to get a member who didn't have a ride, me and elder knight. I can definitely feel different when i don't take it. I dunno how you do it Dad? We then had a lesson with James a new investigator. We had Paul Taylor with us good first lesson, during it (was outside) our Investigator Paul Taylor came and met a black member who had his name. Super funny he was bewildered! haha We then visited with a older member Bro Maxwell Ibe who hasn't been coming to church...pretty serious cause he is a Temple worker! Cleans the temple every night! Solid Testimony but he needs to come to church!

Mon, Weekly Planned cause we weren't able to do it last week haha oops. We had a lesson with the Booker's today and it was very good. Committed them to set goals and get going. They came to church so that was good! We then had a lesson with a member Bro Nnachi! He is sweet! Love African's who give us fruit! He has a super good testimony and just loves the gospel! Had a good chat with him!

Tues, We went on exchanges with the Zl's. Elder Hansen came with me! He has been my Zl for 5 transfers so we had to do an exchange! It was a super duper productive day! We brought a member out with us in the morning and taught a super good lesson to a tract! Eric and Comfort are from Liberia and just loved the Restoration lesson! Super prepared! We tried to put them on date but the date we through at them their daughter is getting married so next lesson we will get it figured out! Spirit was super strong tho! We also went to correlation then the Booth activity where they had it we listened to country music while g-qing haha Best Spot EVER!!! haha miss listening to country music love songs. I was wearing my tie that my good friend Elder Roma made for me which is a flower he drew! Got this pretty black girl to stop because of it and i am sure my beautiful face and then took her to the booth and that was pretty much my only success!  Good person for the Single Elder's to teach! We then skipped dinner to go and see Abson and shared the Ensign with him and his roommate and then they fed us! Sweet! Super good spicy fish african food! Loved it! We then scurry'ed off to the cottage meeting where we taught a lesson on Sacrament and it was super powerful! Awesome feeling and i think it is going to help me the next time i take it! Watch the Bible video on it. Super good! We had Kyada and her mom there! It was sweet! We then found out our companions taught a lesson for us and picked up a sweet new investigator so our #'s were just legit today! This has been one of the best weeks on my mission!

Wed, Capped it off with the Temple! Last time to see Pres and Sis Matsumori there! Super sad but i guess it will be okay! We then balled it up and nobody can stop me haha. Super fun to play basketball with everyone! Going to miss Elder Gleed tho! He is the best to be on a team with! He goes home next week! Freak! wished we could have served around each other a little more but i think we might will hook up for college for a fun time maybe. Utah State twill be fun!
Thanks for all you do! Love you alll! Send me a package full of good healthy snacks haha. Try to get a letter written back sometime to those that have written me! haha i am lame...Tell Katie that i still need a letter haha

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