Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a week! We ended up giving a book of mormon to Eric finally tonight!

Thurs, We went to Zone Training and it was super good! Pres and Sis Matsumori went to them all and gave their final training for us kinda, It was super good and it is going to be really hard to see them leave! I hope that the new mission pres is as cool as he is! We then went to Family History with the Knight's and it was good! Had a good meeting about it. Kinda redundant sometimes but i am still learning can't wait to do it when i get home! Afterwards we went to an appointment with super sweet old lady! Mrs. Speed! She is 79 or 69 or somewhere in between! She loved the first lesson and it clicked with her. She is super strong in her other church so i dunno if she will join or not but we shall see! WE then did service for the Hunt family! Didn't really have time for a lesson but we did her dishes and i attempted to clean her fan haha! Good day!

Fri, So we had a meeting with Bob today! Super old guy but he is sweet! Just talked about the Restoration and Book of Mormon! he followed along really good. He is in his 70's i think! He understood really well and said he would come to church! We then got in a lesson with a 19 year old girl names Amara haha reminded me of home...and her aunt! She was asking ?'s like crazy and it was super good. Super smart girl maybe has too much anti for her to join tho. But i guess you can't overlook how HF is working with them.

Sat, We met with We had a lesson with Paul today...he sits us down pulls out his tablet and pulls up a conference talk from 1973 April by Harold B. Lee! Super good talk! We watched it and then listened to Paul talk about it and how it helped him out and then we talked about baptism and he sounds like he is trying to get himself ready...he is a long ways away and alot of stuff to overcome but just a solid guy! He then told us about how he is trying to shut off the technology so he can be a better father and what he is trying to teach his kids. We were there for 2 hours just listening basically it was soo cool! good experience for me super random tho 1973? he said it was the year he was born haha. Has a goal to listen to them all! We then went to the Visitor's Center with Kyada and her family! Jenny Oaks Baker haha be jealous cause it was sweet! Disney Concert and i am all pumped to watch disney movies when i get home haha! We showed them around the v.c., watched the family video and "only a stonecutter" Very nice!

Sun, Church was great! We had Bob come! Went to High Priest Group! I think i will always go to those when i get the chance cause they are the best lessons you can get at church! Everyone is relaxed and you just all help teach the lesson with your comments and experiences and everyone is involved! E.Q. is too uptight sometimes haha. I am really going to miss this ward!  We has a lesson with James and then with Patrick we had the member Paul Taylor with us! Taught about the Book of Mormon in both and they are both excited about it! Patrick still wants to go to College Park so it will be fun to try to persuade him! James is another thug who is looking to change his life i think.

Mon, District meeting is always good! All shared testimony's and it was super fun! We then had a lesson with Bob and he told us everything that happened in the first 4 chapter's of the book of mormon. He liked how they went back to the plates for their genealogy cause you have to know where you came from to know where your going! It was super cool! Really alot of retention in his reading! We then helped Bro Lakomyj break out his wall! It was fun and i will miss him alot! Super cool guy! We then went to eat with the Stromsdorfer's! Best family ever! Hopefully they will get an e-mail too ya but i told them .net instead of .com but i will tell my old comp to let them know! You shall get a pic and dad will have to read it cause it will be in the Colombian Spanish! We went to Bro Chheng tonight too! He is one of my favorite member's! I will miss him alot he is super cool! I hope we can stay in contact somehow when i get home!

Tues, We went to eat at Ihop with E. Kuddes and Farley! Love these guy's alot and was one of my best districts so i bought haha! Went to Family History one last time and it was swell! We then went with Anthony our new priest to his friend Frank! He bombarded us with good ?'s and it was a test to see if he would like it cause he told Anthony that he wasn't going to do it again if he didn't like us so i guess we passed cause we have another meeting! Good lesson tho! We finally saw Adama and i got to say goodbye! then went to Paul's to say goodbye and it was really good. Paul and James know each other and they read the first 4 chapter's of the Book of Mormon together haha! It is the best! I really liked New Carolton!

Wed, Transfer meeting was really hard! Choked up alot on our closing song. Video'ed it so will try to send it home next week. Then we hugged them and first time that Sis Matsumori hugged us to that was nice haha. It is going to be really hard to see them leave. I am with E. Parlogean! Derwood South back in Seneca Zone! Twill be a fun experience on a bike during the heat of summer! Hopefully i won't complain too much! Going to be sexy by the time i get done with the bike!
Love ya all! Will try to e-mail later next week!

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