Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wed, Heaths were great and that is about all to report!
Thurs, Zone Training was pretty good. They always are tho! we have those at the first of every month and they seem to be coming every other week! Time is going pretty fast.

Fri, Our roomates and us were both going to mow a lawn in the morning and go to the Heath's to do service so we split up and i got to go to the Tolson's again! Super old couple who just aren't doing well. Should've had a nurse 10 years ago but made it till they were in their 90!'s, they are in the College Park Ward! We then pulled some weeds cause the Heath's are planning on moving to Utah here in the next couple of months so we are going to be doing lots of yardwork to help them get their house ready! Fed me for 9 months on my mission so i guess it is the least i can do! Try to go over there as much as we can give them! We were able to visit with Adama tonight and got the gospel library app on her tablet and her # to text her for it so that will be nice! She is still reading and doing the things she needs too except for being able to come to church! Dang it!

He has participated in other baptisms, but this was the first one Elder Stoor performed

Sat, We did service in the morning hours for the Heaths! We then got dogged twice! Then helped a man from another ward with a blessing at the Hospital! Greatful that he was able to give the blessing cause i seem to have trouble when i don't know them, i like being able to know them but then again maybe those ones are more powerful cause you have to rely on the Spirit! It was good, room seemed to be more relaxed when we left so that was good! Emma Mays then took us to Smoothie King! Yum Yum, Didn't get to teach a lesson today but it was a good night out tracting and finding people or at least trying!

Sending Sister Fehlman home

Sun, Well we had Church and then we went to Bro Lacomyj's house where i called you at! Twas fun to hear your voices and no mom you did not make me more trunkyer haha It helped me as usual to not think about it. I have just been doin alot at night and on P-day's alot is going on right now and i just wish i could know what i am going to be doing!

Mon, district Meeting! It was pretty good except our #'s kinda sucked this last week! Crazy. We then went and did service again, mowed another lawn and then sanded a deck! Super fun to get some work in. We then went out with a member Paul Taylor and had a good time with him! Met with the Rodrigez family again and had a super good 3rd lesson with them! Good to feel the spirit! The Dad is fixing his life so he can baptize his son! Good goal and i hope he will get there.

At the tip of Maryland

Tues, Did service and had breakfast in the morning with a member! It was really really good breakfast! We then met with a potential who is an investigator now! Ben! He works as a mechanic and his daughter is a minister. He is really humble and is open to hearing our message! He did say that he likes where he is at now at his church! but he hasn't seen our's! We also met with the Booker family today with both bro Fisher and bro Taylor! We go on full splits and then met up at the Booker's! Super good apt. they will hopefully come to church finally and we are going to go to the visitor's center with them hopefully! We also contacted a refferal who happens to be a member from sierra lionne. He was happy to see "brother's in the priesthood"! Good to meet him and hpefully he will be able to become acquainted with the ward!
Wed, we went to Point Lookout this morning for sunrise! Super far away but it was a great day! One of the best P-day's of my mission for sure!
Love ya and dad you can sell my truck i guess but i kinda would like to get a car when i come home haha. Maybe a little subaru impreza_hatchback one! Not to be to particular about it tho. and the Neibar's are from the Ririe i think, i know it is by Burley tho so the R named city by Burley! Why?

At the tip of Maryland

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