Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hi there people!

Wed, was just a good P-day and night of tracting! Whoopie!

Thurs, Thursday was a sweet day! One where we almost didn't have time for lunch and dinner because of our appointments...Only  of them held tho haha. James is sweet! Taught him most of the first lesson so hopefully he will read the part about the Book of Mormon and we will talk about that next time. He was playin his Playstation when we got there haha super funny cause he is Dad's age and i just can't ever see Dad playin video games but maybe he has changed since i have been on my mission lol, Paul is doing good too. had a really good meeting with him. He is worried he will be the only black thug in the congregation on Sunday haha. That is why he hasn't come. Good concern i guess! Glad he told us so we will be takin some black members to see him haha. Sometimes they are just soo racist it is kinda funny. I think they are more racist about themselves now but that was prolly a big racist comment! haha We are the only white people he has had in his home ever tho so i guess that is progress...

Fri, Did alot of service for the Heath's hopefully we got everything we needed to get done done...We then Weekly Planned and was dogged for the evening so we went to go and check on our referrals cause we have been getting a ton of them lately...been real nice, contacted 3 and don't really know how interested they are...sad cause when the missionaries who contacted them had really good meeting with them prolly and then just isn't interested cause we aren't them

Sat, Got dogged again this morning but did some service in the early morning, I then was privileged to give a blessing to Sister Rosemary and then we took Paul Taylor to her daughter to give a blessing .her brain is apparently swelling so that is bad news but she has been through alot in her life and wasn't even supposed to live. so i guess we will see what happens, she is mentally challenged as well so that makes it hard. We then met with Frank a referral from the Baltimore mission, he owns three Subways up there and has a huge house in Bowie! Super super big! Really nice cars too haha He is looking for a church and i think meeting with him really helped him out alot! He liked our message and wants us to come back and meet with his wife as well! We then went to the Berg's for dinner and they fed us ribs! Super super good haha spoiled i guess but it was one of the best meals i have gotten on my mission! super good day!

Sun, Ward Council was great the Stake was there and the Stake President gave a really good talk about the triangle thing where we have to be the conduit and help the investigator get to god. Teach, Feel, Do, Know Feel Do things you hear over and over as a missionary but they are good i guess! Bishop gave a really good talk in Sacrament meeting. I am excited to start Family History when i get home. Guess i need to do it now.
We then met with Patrick and Tory, a referral who have been attending church for a couple weeks at the College Park Ward! They are super prepared so that is nice. Put them on date for June 6th so i hope that they can make it! They don't have a car tho so that is kinda frustrating but i guess you can't get everything. They did get married last Friday so i guess i should count my blessings. Have a 18month old and 6 month old who are super cute. Taught a full Resto and they just love it! Think that God is blessing them alot! Super fun d.c. black couple!

Mon, district meeting was pretty good! We met with the Booker's today and watched some movies with them and just kinda hung out! They came to Church yesterday and feel alot better so i think we got them wanting to come back!!! Yay, We then had a dinner/lesson with Rodriguez family and it was great! He came to church too! i wish you could count them as a # coming to church! haha He really likes us so that is good to have that trust with him!

Tues, Interviews with Pres, last one! Dang! I am going to miss him but it will be a different experience with the new one! We then got dogged and had correlation and i taught bro fisher family history and hopefully got excited about doing it! we then met back up and had a quick lesson with a contact so hopefully we can meet up again! We then went and had a good lesson with the Booker Family! Super fun!  Went to the V.C.! They enjoyed it alot and had a really good tour! their oldest is having a hard time spiritually i guess so we will see what is up with her later. Their mom is prolly the best to handle it but they don't do it the way i would i hope. Learning alot with how to handle kids just by watching people out here. Guess it is trunky thoughts.
Have fun with Emma this weekend she is great!
Love ya! BYE BYE

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