Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

game was pretty fun! I was sitting by Elder Morris, Elder Chapman was prolly in the pic you sent but don't remember who else cuase me and Morris left halfway through down to the lower seats hehe twas fun! We then had a barbaque after the ball game and meeting with Adama! We taught the Law of Chastity and WoW! Doesn't have a problem so we are good to gooooo!!!!! Super excited! for her!

Thurs, We cleaned the font, weekly planned and physically prepared to baptize today pretty much!, We went and met a member and did some service, Bro Onyejeckwe and he took us to Mikey D's! Good trade haha Packed some heavy books out of his basement! Pretty fun! We then met with Ms. Bramwell and had a super good lesson with her! took a ward missionary! Paul Taylor! Taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was great, she wants to come to church!

She told us a miricle, she went to Why I Believe and loved it, but before she left they couldn't get this chainsaw started and already rented the 2nd one! She said she wanted to stay but then just put it all to God and left. She got to the Visitor's Center and got a call saying they got it started! and had it all done by the time she got home! And she loved the V.C. and said how can this not be true!!!! BOOYAAA!!!

Fri, We went out on the bikes today for a little bit, man i am outta shape haha, But we sent two refferals! And a potential and then a sweet family of 8 all over 8! Super fun day! We also had Adama's baptismal interview! She passed good to go and her Dad all signed off on it so it was really going to happen! We had the Y.W. Pres there Sis Hubble and taught the restoration! Adama's aunt Isata asked us when her baptism is cause she is kinda jealous haha. She is getting her work schedule changed so it is super fun to see both of them reading together and just already having a testimony of the BoM! We love miricles! Spirit was super strong today!

Sat, Did service with the Y.W in the morning for Sis Frillman! Trimmed her hedges! Adama came and had alot of fun with the girls! Super good! We then went off to the apt. of the family we picked up yesturday...wasn't there but write address! cause we saw one of her kids! But we picked up a new investigator Justine who was on the porch! Taught her a Resto and she liked it and really wanted to read the BoM! she and Ms. Bramwell are from Jamaca and make me jealous cause it is all nice weather and the people are really nice haha. Jamacan's are the best! Then we got a call from Adama's dad, we couldn't understand what he said to be honest but we heard Adama's baptism...totally confused called Adama right after and she just got a message from her dad but didn't know what it was about.

We went over that evening with Bishop and found out that her Dad had called her mom after he signed permission. Her mom lives in England and freaked out and said she had already been baptized and she was not. I didn't know she even existed! Super disappointing especially cause we were just on a spiritual high! Then after her dad called our two other apoitments one being dinner called and canceled haha. wowzers. But she has a testimony and she will talk her mom into it someday but might have to wait till she is 18 next year! Shoot!

Sun, Fasted for Uncle Les and other things! Went well and glad he is okay! We had Church and it was great and then Me and my companion had the pleasure of baptizing a sister investigator! Claire!!! She is 85 and got baptized! First one the i did! I got to say the prayer but it took my companion and i and a little chair to git r done! Had a regular size chair that failed on first atempt haha she freaked out cause it was cold and her hands came up dang! She came up and said i am done! That's it! haha I said no your not!!!! haha Got a little primary chair and encouraged and then got it! She came up all smiles! It was like a total change in her eyes!

Really a good expierence for me! She was all thank you thank you afterwards and was really grateful for our encouragement in the font! Completely changed woman for sure!
Back up a little further, Shavez came to church and Isata did but Adama's father wouldn't let her come! Really dissapointing and kinda made us a little bitter for her father but he will see someday! We then after church visited the Booker's and had a good time talkin with them!

Mon, Call outs already!! Where did the transfer go? District Meeting was fun. E. Kuddes gave a really good workshop comparing Dementors and Patronus to the gospel haha. Super good analogy and i liked it alot haha think about it...We had a lesson with Paul our inv. today! Really went well, sounded like he was dropping us at the beginning but then turned out to be a good lesson. Elder Hollands talk hit it on the money for him! Super good! We also visited Iffy Ibe today! He told us he is going to come to church again! hopefully he follows through with his statement!

Then, we found out that me and Elder Loveless are staying together haha. Then the comment i made in Distict Meeting Testimony that if the missionary's that are here don't get 4 baptism's somethings wrong, flooded the whole mission haha. So now if i don't baptize this transfer i am a chuck! haha I was just kidding about that comment, learn some sarcasim people haha

Tues, Lunch at Sister May's, Coorelation then had an apt. with the Nickel sisters! They are crazy and had other crazy,druggy people come in and just fight haha. Drugs really really just mess lives up. The mom sits and watches Disney Channel all day haha she is like 60ish super sad! We then had Cottage Meeting and it was really really good! Shavez came but wasn't there for the lesson dang it and hadn't made up his mind if he wants to get baptized Sunday so we might have one Sunday? i dont' know. Lesson was on Consider the Blessings and then played signs! Super fun! We then went to Bro Chheng and gave him a blessing before his chemo today! super humbling to give those! Awesome guy tho!

That was my week! Pretty dissapointing for sure to not see Adama's baptism but someday! I am really glad i am staying with Elder Loveless! I like him alot! Going to be fun! Love ya! TTYL Remember Mother's day? That is coming trunky call haha. Tell me if you want to skype cause a member said he would let us lol, it is up to you, you know i kinda want to tho! Love you all!

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