Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wed, Had a good dinner at the Heath's! We then preceded to go and proselyte! Good night! Today tho i forgot my planner so this week will prolly be a quick e-mail...
Thurs, we Got weekly planning done quick! It is good to get it done faster cause usually day after transfer's you are getting your comp used to the area so it was quiet nice to stay together!

Fri, We did service like crazy! We pulled weeds for the Heath's and then told them we would be back! We then saw Paul our investigator and he was looking for his son! So we looked for him too but couldn't find him. My comp mentioned we should pray and Paul offered it! Super good prayer that his son would think about coming home and come and then we had to leave so we parted ways but on the way to the car we found him! Brought him back and it was just a cool experience on the power of prayer. Sometimes i think such things like that are happenstances sometimes but also one of those things when you just look up and say yeah you are really there and really are watching over us and answer those simple but fervent heartfelt prayers!

Sat, We woke up and went and helped the Heath's again in the morning when it was cool! Then helped someone move! Had everything in boxes and i got the job of stacking it in the truck well i guess i did it too good cause we only filled up half the truck with his stuff haha. Should've got a smaller one haha. We then got dogged again for the V.C.! Gosh dang it! We then went and mowed a lawn and talked with this cool member, Bro Lakomyj! Super fun! Felt like all we did was service these last couple of days! Cause that is all we had to report for since nobody else was home or held an apt!

Sun, Church was great! I bore my testimony again! Told them about the prayer experience and it was just super good! Then the Bishopric 1st counselor got up and talked about how his kids are still young and unreasonable and we have to tell them what to do over and over again. Kinda with the perspective on that is what Heavenly Father is for us too. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again sometimes. Got to be frustrating but maybe someday i will get there! Really great fast and testimony meeting tho! Spirit was there. Hopefully Shavez and Grandma Adama felt it! Cause they were our two investigators there! We then were out tracting in the nighttime "golden hours" and i g-q'ed these two people having a smoke and drink on their back porch! We taught them a lesson from the ground on the BoM and the Atonement! It was super good! Felt the Spirit as i was testify'ing super good lesson1 Happened at 8:20! haha

Mon, We saw just about every former we have been trying and every potential well at least we went there and left notes! Dropping everyone like flies! We did a ton today and it felt good! We then went to the Stromsdorfer's again for dinner. They told us that we have the trust of the ward which is great! Couple of member's have brought friends to church! Things are looking up but because of it we are expected to do it so kinda nervous in a way! We also met with the Rodriguez family and had a P.o.S. lesson with them and was pretty bold with him! Super good! He says he just doesn't go to bed on time on Sat so going to have to go tell him or call him to get to bed so he can come to church!

Tues, Was a good morning! our Apt. Wasn't there so we went to lunch with Emma Mays and she got on facebook and told me my trainer is getting married! Kinda fun to have her show me pics of him! Miss him quiet a bit still! hope to someday catch up with him. Good lunch and then had a good meeting with a former who has a strong testimony of the Bible and Christ but a little stubborn to more information haha. Hopefully she will turn hopeful to it cause she has a solid testimony of things. mostly her talking tho. we then had ward correlation and then got dogged by our appointments so we went to Nar Mya's with our roommates for another dinner! Napoli's cook really good food! Kinda fun to go back over there too. They actually remember me so that is fun!

Wed, We worked out this afternoon then shopped and came down to the Mall so twill be a fun p-day!
Happy Belated birthday mommy! You getting old? haha, Guess i am going to call ya on Sunday sometime! Trunky call haha tis the last one. That went by pretty fast! Guess i don't have very much time left. Think i have 4 transfer's haha crazyness!  Bailey and Tanner didn't even send me an announcement...sheesh but thanks to Jade who did!
looking forward to talkin with y'all! till then, Love ya!

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