Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wed, we got spammed into coming to a Family History stuff so that is what we are doing from Wednesday nights now! Heath dinner then FHW!!!

Thurs, We had our Zone Meeting today and it was pretty good. Sometimes people get too serious here. I don't know, maybe i have a bad attitude for leadership and how they try to just get us to go and work all the time when you have been around most of them before and you work harder than they do haha. Talked about why not when you are done with dinner for 30 min why not go and knock door's haha Trying to take what little nap time i have away! Sheesh, But we then got some Weekly Planning done and went and taught some lesson's! Super good one's too! Had J.R. Taylor a L.A. and the spirit was just super duper strong! One of the strongest lesson's i have been apart in! Someone must want him back in church! We taught Faith and Repentance and during it he paused a couple of times and just said Man, i feel the spirit super strong! It was soo cool! Made us feel really good as well! Good thing for me too cause i always need to work on those things! We then went and kinda bashed with a new investigator! He tried to just pull up a couple of ridiculous points. Then tried to teach us things from the Bible. He had his prayer partner on the phone too and it was funny cause you can tell that is all they were trying to do. Didn't want to fight that much and didn't but i hate being thrown in those situations sometimes and it seems to be happening more and more!

Fri, We had 5 apts today and met with one of them after he re-scheduled twice! haha Paul is sweet tho! He said at the end of the lesson that he wanted to figure this out and teach his family. Says his son is 8 and hasn't been baptized and wants to make sure that happens and we said that we might be able to help with that haha. Jackpot but i don't think about just getting the # haha. Paul seems to be really sincere and says he will watch conference but haven't talked to him since this meeting! Keep missing him!

Sat, Conference was great! Went to Cafe Rio for lunch! Kept that tradition alive haha. just went for last April Conference too! It was a sure a good Sat/Sun! Elder Perry's talk, Elder Ballard's and Elder Holland's and the Prophet's! as well as Pres Uchtdorf (during priesthood) were the best in my opinion! Tell me your's and Mom i would appreciate another Conference Ensign! That makes sure that i get one and my companion will appreciate it too! Conference Weekend is the best as a missionary! Had one investigator watch! More on Shavez in a sec....

Mon, we had a good day proselyting talking to people and i think we picked up some potentials haha pretty sure! But tonight was the best! The Stromsdorfer's had us over for dinner again and had our 15 year old investigator Shavez there and also a 12 year old member Rodrigo! It was great! Best dinner yet! We then had a lesson on baptism with Shavez and helped him realize the importance of it! We haven't baptized him yet because we were trying to get his brother Darion too but his brother moved to D.C. so now Shavez is going to be baptized on the 28th! I know this one will happen! The Stromsdorfer's were the one's who served in Colombia! What year's did you serve Dad? You served in the Cali mission right? That is where Bro Stromsdorfer served and Sis s. served in Bogata! Cool people and first one's i have met that has served there.

Tues, we had a sweet lesson with James! Just kinda talked! Twas really good! Didn't watch conference but said he is going to! Gave him a pamphlet to read and will teach next time going to start having weekly Tuesday meetings with him! We then met with Shavez and taught the Law of Chastity! this kid is cool! He has a strong testimony already and wants to share it and is gonna go on a mission! Super fun! We are going to be meeting with him alot seems to be like daily so it will be a good news! We also saw the Booker's tonight and watched Pres. Monsons talk again! He is so funny haha. we are going to be fed from them on Sunday and have some FHE! Twill be fun!

Wed, as you can see we went to Cherry Blossoms today! It was great! They are so pretty! We then played some sports and prolly will go and see if i can get Shelby written back today!
Good news in your letter today mom! Glad to hear that Chad is coming around! What about Jamie? Super good! Seems like Cancer is just going around everywhere. There is a guy here in the ward that is super cool and is battling cancer! Crazy, but sounds like Les's won't be bad so that is good!
It is freaking hot here! They let us take our suit coats off after G.C. so that was nice!
Thanks for all the letter's and email's!
Love ya!
Elder Stoor!

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