Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why hello! They just messed things up on the e-mail thing for me so i don' t know if it is all working right or not! Hopefully it is!

Wed, not much happened haha went to the Heaths and had a swell dinner.

Thurs, Zone conference those things are long. Learned about the importance of paying tithing! I haven't really ever done it to be honest. i know i did before but i don't think i did it like i should so it was a good lesson for me. We also had a lesson on the bom so that was swell! Pres gave his on answering hard ?'s haha easy just to brush things off to be honest. Most are not sincere ?'s anyways so just a good thing on brushing them off. We then had a meeting with Shavez and it was really good he told us he had two things that he needed to take care of before baptism and now he has already resolved one of them so we will help him out but he says he is going to make it by the 28th. but going to get things resolved! We also met with Ms. Bramwell and had a super cool visit with them. her grandkids were there and we had a good time! We read through Alma 32 and it was super super spiritual! Good Times for sure!

Fri, We met with Adama and her aunt finally Isata! It was good to get to know her. We taught the plan of Salvation! Super good lesson they both know it is all true but Isata has work and Adama has a father who doesn't want her to be baptized dang it! We then went and played basketball with Shavez and it was super fun! Can't play outside haha. cool to play some street ball with other's tho!

Sat, we had a good day full of nothing to do but check on people and talk to some peeps! It was fun we did service in the morning for the College Park Ward cool to see old faces! We just worked today and it was fun! didn't end up meeting anyone that i can remember just a good day to be a missionary!

Sun, Church was great! Super good! We met a sister investigator who is bomb! They got a good one! Loved it cause of priesthood haha yeah for 3rd hour! We then had a FHE with the Booker's and i swear to you that they made us do it before i tell ya haha. peer pressure is a hard thing but me and my comp battled it out on the wii with them for a little bit for the FHE game lol. Just Dance is all we played and i don't really like it to be quiet honest haha. Sucked at it! but it was fun to watch them do it!

Mon, we went on exchanges for two days! i went with Elder Snow today haha we don't like each other haha. He hates me and i just think he is the most prideful kid ever but it was a fun day in the singles ward! taught a lesson that we found for them so cool to see that guy again he is going to be tough tho can't read english and couldn't find the bom in creol online but i think they have it in that language so that was fun! we then had FHE @ the Bishop's home with the ward and good little lesson and slideshow of their Antartica cruise haha! I don't know if i have told ya or not but a bunch of us out here are going to get together in December and go on a cruise! Maybe you can come too but no promises haha ;) Good day but hard cause these two are weird and back to back was hard!

Tues, was fun with E. Kuddes! Got alot done, picked up potentials tracting this one place and checked on a ton of people! Super super good! We met with a member Sis Moss who vented to us and pretty much told us the Mormon think wasn't for her anymore...hard story really hard so can't judge, but also met with a couple of semi crazy people! Nickels are really messed up from drugs prolly but just not in the right mindset a 9 year old came in and they were friends and acted like that if that helps ya understand, but then Bro Onyejeckwe is just a cool African who has lost his job and likes to talk and share old man story's haha it was a good time tho. Hopefully will report on the potentials we picked up later!

Wed, Temple! We are having the Baseball game  next week so expect an early e-mail! Excited for the Nat's game vs. the Cardinals...jealous Grandma??? i think if i remember that is your fav team! Maybe you can see me on t..v! I am pumped for it!
Love ya!

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