Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This week went pretty good

This week went pretty good. Today we had fall sports day! that was pretty fun. Look at the blog and i am sure there are pictures. Played something called hero ball, soccer, capture the flag, and quiddetch all in one, don't have a harry potter book to spell that last one and i haven't read it for a while so give me a break.
I absolutly love my companion. He is pretty cool. 

Tries to talk to everyone and just has that greenie fire that last transfer i kinda lost. You seem to pick it up and lose it so hopefully we can have it for the next 2 transfers cause that is how long we are supposed to stay together. Unless i mess up and don't teach him anything, which could happen but after this next week i am going to start to tell him to do everything and try to relax and take a break and just let him do it all. I had to do that when i was trained and it was really good for me, so i am going to try and do it to Elder Arnett, just try to let him run the show.

His first day here a week ago, i didn't know what to do so we got on our bikes and went to check on a refferal, Mia, One of the best lessons on my mission and i was so relieved because Elder Arnett isn't afraid to speak up when he knows what to teach. If he knows that certain point he speaks right up which is so good for me. We didn't put her on date then, but met with her later on Saturday with J.S. Armstrong and put her on date then. It was super good! Love it when lessons go just as smooth as you like them to go in companion study. We really focused in on her during role plays and things and it shows! September 30 is her date. 

Met with her again with a new senior couple, the Porters from Gilbert, Arizona same as Elder Arnett, kinda weird but Elder Porter is a really excellent teacher. Sometimes you get these old guys that are used to high priests and just ramble but he was super super good! Gonna use him alot. Sad to see the Miller's are leaving next month tho. And the Murdock's are going home. You should look them up in a couple weeks, live in Mapleton Utah, They are so awesome and i am going to really miss them glad i was able to see them today. Told me when i get home to look them up  and we would go have some steak at the Bar-J and i said OH YEAH!!!! haha

This week we met a girl named Pat on the street. Elder Arnett G-Q'ed her and had a good conversation. She told us 2 or 4 years ago she was meeting with missionaries and wanted to join up really enjoyed her time with the Mormons...and the thought came to me to put her on date so i said if she would get baptized and she said she would and wanted us to come over the next day! October 7 ;] B-Day on a street in a g-q! Super cool, but the next day she gave us the address to the women's homeless shelter so hopefully we will find her sometime...kinda sad we didn't get to see her cause we were jacked!

Patricia kinda has been avoiding us, so has our other b-days haha. We put them on date then don't see them for a long time...exept for Mia she is gonna get wet this month.

I liek this area alot tho. It seems like we can just find people super easy and i love it. Keeps my spirits up!
We then picked up another b-day. Name is Diva...23...pregnant actually finds out today what she is having pretty exciting. She was kinda hard to teach cause i thought she was just flirting with us for a second cause i look so good, but i hope she is actually serious about this. She is on for the 30th as well and Just seems to be cool. Taking her to bible study tonight at the church hopefully it is not just us and there are more people there.

That is super wierd that Shay is getting married i will have to call Miyasaki tonight, illegal but i am curious to see if i approve of him from what he tells me haha. Kinda cool tho. Doesn't Katie's man come home in like not very long...i guess in like March huh that will be here fast then i will come home and everyone will be freaking married freak! I ain't gonna get married till i am 30 in spite of all my married cousins haha

Glad everything went good this week. Everything is good on this end. I don't know why i am training right now but i think it has been really good for me. Helped me focus alot more because i don't want to ruin him too much haha. Actually has helped me focus more cause i have to explain everything but it is kinda nice to try new things out and just good stuff. 

Super weird that it is general conferance. Pretty soon i am just going to be saying i only have one more phone call home cause christmas is almost here! Sheesh. Only like 2 transfer's away and that goes by super fast now.

and me birthday is coming up i ain't gonna be an immature teenager anymore haha
I love change tho and looking back i love to see how far i have come. How strong my testimony is now. do i know really anymore than i knew back home from semianry and things not too much, i definately know more yes but not by much and it is just cool to know everything and not just think i do. i am grateful for the blessings that come from doing what we are supposed to do. Grateful for Jesus Christ and to  better understand the Atonement and what that really means for everyone and myself too. Thankful for the Spirit and hope that when i go home it can guide my life as it sometimes, and hopefully will just start to do it more, guides what i say during lessons and how well it just flows. I hope the promptings never cease. I know that perspiration does come before inspiration.

Thanks for all ya do for me and hopefully i can go get some letters written cause i just am terrible at getting letters written lately cause p-days have been hectic!

Love ya Elder Storr....hehe just can't bring myself to let sister matsumori know haha

aster and her cute family in front of the chistus her daughter is so stinkin cute

kirk me and moss

our team our zone and one more

me and my son at the temple haha 

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