Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This week went by swell.
Talked to people the whole time on wednesday night! That was good. Got some refferals for our room-mates so hopefully that will make them happy.
Met with a refferal, Janeva. She has 3 kids. 11, 4, 1 and one more next month. She was a really good lesson. Followed along. Her son was great the 11 year old. Hopefully will be able to get her to come to church and get a family. don't think we will have much luck with the boyfriend cause you know she ain't married. Should have put her on date but didn't. Accepted the first lesson and seemed eager about it so that is good. This week was filled with alot of dogged appointments and not much success in talking to people.
Friday i went on exchange with Elder Rushton, my roomate. We had an awesome day. Went to this old lady's house who they are not yet teaching but have weekly service appointments and we vacummed and took her garbage out then while she was doing laundry downstairs, can't go down there unless there is someone there in case she falls, we played pinball! That is super fun. She had a machine downstairs. Then we came back home and took lunch then went to a dogged appointment then had a super good run in with a man named Vernon. He is super sweet! one of my best lessons! Put him on date and he just practcally knew the spirit already and how to feel it and it was strong! Super cool. Said he would come to church when football wasn't on....dang football.. Then taught a super crazy person after that! then another man that night. It is great to just go from teaching to teaching. I like that alot better than g-qing. It was great day!
Then on Saturday, We had a sweet lesson with a man named Charles. He is super cool! Love that lesson. Just new it all! Love it when it is easy to teach people. Said he would read and pray and we would talk about baptism later. So next time i am for sure he will be on date! Then we taught a man named Josh Procter who played college football. He is cool! Asked all the right ?'s just he is YSA so that kinda sucks. Then a super good meeting with the Smith family. Had a good visit with Kevin and his son. Just kinda chillin with them but we shared a super good spiritual thought and they committed to come to church when it didn't interfere with the Skins playin haha everyone is in love with the Washington Redskins. Picked up three newbs.
Sunday! Law of Chastity for Sunday School!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That was the best one ever. Crazy people and talkin about sex on a Sunday haha. Sis Medley quote....They don't know out in the world cause all the parents are having a titty party and pornography nonsense. haha Sis Mack gave some good input too. Oh they know.... haha Super funny. When Momma Mack speaks it is legit! Then of course Bro Peguse that night. He is the best! Just makes me feel good!
Super mad cause i missed Sis Macks talk in sacrament meeting and also E. Miller's farewell. Can't believe they are going home. He is like a E. Murdock of the DC 3rd Ward, There wifes are pretty sweet too!
District Meeting Monday was great! I love meetings...sarcastic...Wasn't really able to get in with anyone today either and nobody wanted to talk.
Tuesday was the same way. It made for a long couple of days! Until 8:15 at night we had nothing done that day! Called Stephanie who was a sweet g-q a couple of days ago. We taught her the best lesson ever! Loved it. Super cool expierence. She told us she was just going to call us when we called. Love it when that happens. When you do things like that you don't think it is a spiritual prompting but looking back i don't know how she came to my head! Love it when the spirit is super strong. She said she would live the Word of Wisdom cause we taught her that with the restoration. Love it!
Today was good too! Played some sports with E. Miller for his last P-day activity. Love this guy. Them and the Murdock's are in the same mold! Love them both and will go see them after the mission. Made good friends.
All They have said lately is it is going to be Alma 17:2-3 and i know it will be with them. They are such great examples on just doing things right. I hope it is like that for us when we meet up again as well, with whoever is reading this. We will both be strong in Christ and everything will be good!
Love this Gospel Love all of you. Mom you got a letter coming with Mike's and Jordan's cause i don't know their addresses haha forgot to write them down. Tell them i am sorry for getting back late. I am the worst EVER!
Thanks for everything and i can't wait till next week to write. Give me some good news!
 Love you all and till next week!

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