Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hi family!

Been a pretty good week i think. After i e-mailed last week, we went to the Holemead dinner, where the ward feeds us every P-day and it was a big birthday party for Elder Fisher. Kinda dumb and overthetop but i guess everyone else had fun. Hope nothin like that happens for my birthday haha. We were there for way to long and didn't get to do any missionary work but oh well i guess haha.
Thursday was a good day full of weekly planning as always and then dogged appointments. We did some service in the morning so that was good. For our investigator Mia who didn't come to church so we are having her pick out her new b-day. She is prolly the most legit person i have ever taught. Taught her 18 year old daughter as well. She is a cute black girl haha. Both are super spiritual and can tell just get alot out of our meetings. They ask good ?'s and i think will both get baptized while i am here!
 Had a good meeting with Earl. First time since the first week i got here. He opened up and said he was going to come to church and he did! for some reason it is the hardest to get investigators to church. They just don't wanna come. Most people baby them there and i don't really want to do that. I want them to come cause they want too, but they can't really progress unless they come to church. Kinda annoying, but Earl came!
We also picked up a new b-day for the 14th of Oct. Lori Chase. She is one of the most solid people i have ever g-q'ed. She taught us the first lesson until the Restoration/BoM. It was super neet to teach a super smart religeous lady who didn't want to bash and actually could see what we were saying! Love it when people already know there was an Apostacy and that there is no true church on the earth. Well there really is haha
Took Kirk to Why I Believe and he introduced himself and had a jolly old time. I love chillin with him cause he is just laid back about everything is just cool. Loves everything that happens. Says he is struggling feeling the Spirit, and i thought that he sounded normal to me haha. Tried to explain how to feel the spirit and such and he seemed to understand that he has been feeling it just not the way the other churches think it is.
We taught a guy named Tucker who just wanted to prove us wrong on the Jesus Christ is Jehova (can't spell). He tried to use the Exodus 6:3 on me and i just had to prove me right. haha i don't prove him wrong i just prove me right and i am getting good at it although i know you are not supposed to bash but sometimes it just happens. the Lord is speakin in that one tho and got him to say that he was hehe. Think that is where the Jehova Witness people get Jehova God from...just dumb. 
Had Zone Conferance, They showed a little of the CNN or whatever clip on mormons and then about the BoM play and other stuff and it is just kinda sad. Wasn't too bad against us i guess, heard there was a couple of bad things on there but i guess you can't be all right in the media. Was a different spirit it brought tho and i didn't really like it. Zone Conferance was good tho. Learned a little bit on how to be better and was just a good place to be. Lasts for freakin ever tho! I love hearing from Sis. Matsumori and Pres tho. They are good teachers in my book. Know how to have fun and always have a couple of one liners to give out. They are super funny and just for some reason just make me want to listen every time they talk.
Afterwards had a good meeting with the Smith family. He is serious about getting baptized but will leave church to go and watch a football game so hopefully the Redskins bye week comes fast, so we can dunk him haha. He has been meeting with missionary's and haveing them over to really just hang out for the past 7 years since his wife was a member. Really cool and says he now wants to get baptized so i think we can to that.
Happy Birthday Father! I have something but i need to go to a post office to get it sent and don't know when i will do that but i can't ruin the surprise but i think you will like it. Will write ya a letter then try and send it.
I am doing fine but it just seems to be becoming a routine again and talking to people is losing the fun. Hopefully it will come back and i can have fun with it again, but sometimes it is just a grind. But i guess that is life sometimes.
I am at the Library of Congress again. The computer's here are the best to use, i like them. I am happy that i can come to the Mall ever P-day i want to it is nice.
I think we are going to try and see a little bit of the air and space and then go back.
Shay is looking cute as ever and i hear good things about her man from Miyasaki so i guess i aprove, but we will see when i get home but not that it matters too much just as long as he fits in with the cousins.
Porter is looking huge haha. Someday i think i will write Jordan back. I am a terrible friend. Maybe get it done today...hopefully. Emma is just starting to look like a toddler huh? Crazyness. 
how big is Soleigh and Zippy haha i can't spell.
It will be wierd to see how big everyone is when i get home and how much change has happened but i guess that is all what a mission is about. Change. Change in people is what you are searching for, on the way to change everything and find out that you just change yourself. Seems like every time to study the same thing it seems to change cause you are just getting new things out. Change change change. Some you like, some you love, and some you just don't like. See a little change at home too. hopefully all good change from now on. Although Katie better wait for me to get home before she is married. Shay and Mara i guess can but  Katie just has to wait and i just figured shay was doing to be married before my year mark and she is just scrapin by haha.
Thanks for everything and hope this was long enough haha. Sometimes i just type and type. Love y'all and thanks for your e-mails!
Till Next Week

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