Alma 29:9

Alma 29:9
I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Will try pictures a little later will get my comp to go to the library later. I think i will have too but i am a the stake center just got done with glow in the dark dodgeball and it was super scary when the lights were out but i think if you get better glow in the dark balls it could work cause you couldn't really see them till they were right there and so we just turned on the lights, missionaries are bad to play with tho cause they were all just being dumb and took things offensive which was stupid but it was all fun still the same. Weird how people take everything so seriously but i just run around being stupid and it was fun but this week was super intense.

On Sunday we were sitting on the couch after we took a little nap and right outside our apartment we heard some gun fire it was super scary we ran to the window, i know stupid but we are so yeah, and seen one guy running off after like 30 shots, seen him run off and all ran outside cause we figured he won and someone needed help but didn't see anyone and seen this one car that got shot. went thru the front window and out the back thru the headrest gap of the driver's seat tho and the projectory of the bullet had to have been 10 feet from our window but when we got out there were people all over and we didn't see anyone hurt which was a blessing i did not want to try to help someone live but it was super intense. but my area is prolly the most bad parts of the mission and super scary i am scared alot but i know the lord is on my side and everyone knows who we are and what we are doing. We are told to be careful every single day. One quick side story, couple weeks ago we were going to dinner but got lost went to ask someone rolling down the window and the first thing he said was "Now Y'All be careful, now" super funny but everyone does it. One guy told us that one of his buddies tried to rob a missionary and he got 12 years lol but every one knows us and it is considered low to do anything to a missionary so don't worry. I am getting used to it but after the gunfire i am a little uneasy if you know what i mean. but two days later we think it was the end of that fight just up the road and over a little bit cops were everywhere again. But the biggest thing i learned is i am not going to be raising my future kids in a city like this.

One day i don't remember exactly when i think it was last friday we get people all the time, (crazy people mostly) come up to us and just say three words over and over Pray for me pray for me so we do tell them to have a nice day and keep on going haha one lady tried to tell us that sex was good, grandma age too and her reasoning was that these days if you don't have sex how are you going to tell whether or not it is a man or woman you are liking on, and she says the only thing God won't forgive you for is murders and not listening to the spirit haha i wanted to ask whether she believed in the ten commandments but didn't and there were kids up the road listening super dumb but after she left went to them and said so the thing you learned from that is not to have sex before you are married. haha they were like 4 10 12 i think haha kids are so fun to talk too cause they are the only one's who are excited to talk to you and when you pull out a card if there are more than one you better have two haha it seems like every missionary out here is super excited to be a dad and i am with them cause kids are fun to teach the gospel too.

Corliss is still is the same spot as before just waiting for an answer. Coming to church did not help cause that was just bad haha okay not really but it was fast and testimony meeting and just to make things short we had one guy up there say a couple things then said let us pray...he prayed about everything from abulance drivers, to women's clothing store, and to all the other fuzz out there LOL but it was super scary when we had investigators there. But Corliss is just being stubborn cause we see her getting her answer all the time and she just won't accept it cause she is tied to her church and formor beliefs which in a way i see cause she is 50 some odd years old and she has grown up in it but i think she will get there.

We dropped Zach so haven't talked to him he kept dogging us and it just isn't worth the time to go over there which sounds bad but true. In the city we go thru many people cause there is alot and if they are not ready right then we hopefully planted a seed for other missionaries later on so we dropped him.

Got a new one tho but she is moving to our roommates area, dang but she is super sweet. most people come to church cause they get a free ride but we had a nice lesson with her. weirdest start of anyone i have ever taught tho. we were standing up cause the senior couple was with us named the Murdocks, will tell about them later, but thru me so off cause i was standing i forgot the first lesson lol but we sat on the floor and i remembered it haha super embarasing. but later in the lesson she was like so you are trying to get me to come to your church..yeah...okay where is it...3601 Southern Ave. on the maryland side...okay see you there i can bus......Pretty sweet when they get themselves to church which she did. most of them do not do that at all. and we also got her on date too

We had a part-member family which we went and seen across the street names' Crutchfield. wife is less-active with a new year's resolution to come to church(awesome!!!) and her husband picked a date out for him. Feb 19 so we have alot of people right now and we found two family's one we met the dad on the street got an appointment seemed super interested but could not meet us till two saturdays later which is this next one, and also my comp found one that was looking for a church and g-Q'ed them which means golden question so pretty much tracting but we just talk to everyone we see haha we don't knock doors like every we just go talk to people. but i didn't meet them cause my comp is DL and i was on exchanges with people till from Sunday to today which are pretty fun

Went with E. Standing in the North area and we stopped by one of there investigators and he was having some pain attack he told them he gets and he was all over the floor and couldn't stand up just effects from drugs happening too much in his earlier life.They are bad news and that was the strangest thing and scariest thing i have ever seen. Told us not to call anyone and to pray for him so we did and left and we were both just floored what we had seen. Can't really explain it. super scary just wow.

then i went with my roomate Dillon which his cousin is Perry i think his name is. he was in Justin's band haha Call uncle Gus and tell him. Super funny how we found that out. He started to talk about Deary, Idaho haha he is from Middleton but i asked him if he knew Justin Stoor and he was like yeah i played once with there band they had lol so funny funny. but i seen the world's largest chair lol super big got a picture which i am going to send you pic's later when i have to go to the library with my comp. so email with pics coming later.

but that all happened in a week haha there is soo much that happens i can't even tell you guy's half of it. I have not heard so many sirens in my life tho. I think in the first week i heard more sirens than i had my whole life and that is not exagerating at all.

if you have any ?'s real fast and see this before i get to library but tell grandma i seen a package for elder gleed that was from Uncle Virgil and i almost stole it haha

But the Murdock's are great from Mapleton, Utah need to ask if they know Mike and Ruth cause they own a pretty big ranch from what i can tell but they are just the ultimate couple. If my marriage turns out like theres i would be a totally succesful man. They love each other and that love just radiates to us and they are super funny too. Elder Murdock just is funny. During District meeting we poked fun because he was carrying his wifes purse and he yelled back Its a European Man Bag, yelled it in the church and it was just super super funny, another one he was bearing his testimony on tithing and he just said that because they paid tithing they never went without super strong spirit too and told about food never went hungry, and also the children always had clothes, until they ran out the shower naked...during the lesson and we just laughed for a while and they go Nutso over the pinoche which is super good thanks guys but i got to go the stake center computers are shutting down but i have having the time of my life so don't worry

Love Elder Stoor

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